I obtained my doctorate from the University of St Andrews in 2011. A book based on this work, Jihadi Culture on the World Wide Web is, at the time of writing, imminently forthcoming from Bloomsbury. The study aims to explore the idea that ‘jihadi’ online communities should be approached first as online communities, without automatically assuming their relevance to violent or ‘terrorist’ acts in the material world.

My work is broadly concerned with two main interests: first, I continue to be interested trying to explore the notion of so-called ‘violent extremism’ – presumably meaning the establishment of forms of (sub) cultural commitment specifically premised on the idea or representation of violence – as a phenomenon of interest in its own right, potentially with its own internal logic, such that the occasional emergence of actual violent behaviour from such situations may be more the result of the failure of the normal ways ‘violent extremist’ subcultures are engaged with than the logical (though obviously not inevitable) conclusion of some ‘radicalizing’ process.

Second, I am increasingly interested in broader questions about how far Internet and new media technology may after all possess an underlying ‘language’ which may after all transcend the seemingly successful attempts by states and cultures to shape the medium according to their own interests. As such, I am at the early stages of what is intended to be a new project focusing on how the Internet’s encounter with a particularly distinctive case – that of Saudi Arabia – may help to inform a more complex understanding of what, if anything, is universal about the Internet as a technology.

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Jihadi Culture on the World Wide Web, New York: Bloomsbury, 2013     New


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