E: na333@st-andrews.ac.uk

Thesis title:

The analysis of the proliferation of Advanced Conventional Weapons (ACWs) within the 2001–2013 asymmetric confrontations in the Middle East, and its two-fold impact on terrorist organizations’ strategy and US and Israel approaches to Asymmetric Warfare.

Supervisor: Dr Peter Lehr, Dr Caron Gentry

Thesis Summary:

I am particularly focusing on terrorist organisations ’ ability to attract Advanced Conventional Weapons (ACWs) and to integrate them into an overall strategy - my case studies are : Hezbollah (perfect example of techno-guerrilla and categorised as a state sponsored hybrid), Hamas, Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda affiliates in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.

Similarly I am discussing the relevance of R.M.A (Revolution in Military Affairs) within asymmetric conflicts, as implemented by the IDF (Israel Defense Force) and the US forces, the two main military powers in the Middle East geopolitical area currently facing different kind of asymmetric confrontations : Insurgency, Terrorism and Hybrid Wars.