JTR, Volume 8, Issue 3 - Published

Journal of Terrorism Research, Volume 8, Issue 3 is now available from the JTR Website

Changing God’s Expectations and Women’s Consequent Behaviours – How ISIS Manipulates “Divine Commandments” to Influence Women’s Role in Jihad
by Fernanda Buril
The Hollow Hierarchy:
Problems of Command and Control in the Provisional IRA
by Antony Field
ISIL’S Battlefield Tactics and the Implications for Homeland Security and Preparedness
by Joshua Tallis, Ryan Bauer, Lauren Frey
Book Reviews
Michele R. McPhee, Maximum Harm: The Tsarnaev Brothers, The FBI, and the Road to the Marathon Bombing (ForeEdge, 2017)
reviewed by Tim Wilson
Michael Griffin. Islamic State: Rewriting History. London: Pluto Press, 2016. 176 pages. $20.00 Paperback
reviewed by Richard C. Dietrich

JTR, Volume 7, Issue 3 Published

Journal of Terrorism Research, Volume 7, Issue 3 is now available from the JTR Website


The Representation of Youth in the Islamic State’s Propaganda Magazine Dabiq
by Agathe Christien

Examination of Blog Discussion about the Beheading of Two American Journalists by ISIS
by Chang Sup Park and David Magolis

Terrorism or Clamor for Resource Control: An Analysis of Nigeria’s Niger Delta Militants
by John Oghenero Tobor

Field Principles for Countering and Displacing Extremist Narratives
by Alejandro Beutel, Stevan M Weine, Aliya Saeed, Aida Spahic Mihajlovic, Andrew Stone, John Oakley Beahrs, Stephen B Shanfield

Book Review
Jessica Stern and J.M. Berger. ISIS, The State of Terror. London: Harper Collins, 2015. 416 pages. $27.99 Hardcover
reviewed by Houssem Ben Lazreg

JTR - Volume 7, Issue 2 Published

Journal of Terrorism Research, Volume 7, Issue 2 is now available from the JTR Website



Resurgent Insurgents: Quantitative Research Into Jihadists Who Get Suspended but Return on Twitter
by Shaun Wright, David Denney, Alasdair Pinkerton, Vincent A.A. Jansen, John Bryden

A Psychoanalytic Perspective on an Interview with an Irish Republican Prisoner
by Barry Geoghegan

Terrorists, Geopolitics and Kenya’s Proposed Border Wall with Somalia
by Brendon John Cannon

“We’re Going to Nicaragua”: The United States, Nicaragua, and Counterterrorism in Central America during the 1980s
by Philip Travis

Apprehending the Bio-cognitive Substrates of Social-Identity Formation in Islamic-Extremist Masternarratives
by Doyle Ray Quiggle

Quantifying Salient Concepts Discussed in Social Media Content:
An Analysis of Tweets Posted by ISIS Fangirls
by Shadi Ghajar-Khosravi, Peter Kwantes, Natalia Derbentseva and Laura Huey

The Spectacle of Terrorism: Exploring the Impact of ‘Blind Acting Out’ and ‘Phatic Communication’
by Wilson Mwenda Kailemia

Book Review
Yair Hirschfeld, Track-Two Diplomacy toward an Israeli-Palestinian Solution 1978-2014
reviewed by William W. Thomson


JTR - Call for Papers: Special Edition: Security and Counter-Terrorism Challenges arising from the Syrian Conflict

The Journal of Terrorism Research is pleased to invite papers for consideration in a Special Edition on Security and Counter-Terrorism Challenges arising from the Syrian Conflict.

This topic touches on many important issues at the top of the political agenda. The protracted conflict that is taking place in Syria is causing significant regional and global destabilisation, and its impacts have manifested themselves in tangible ways.

Regional players such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, as well as the impact of ISIS, are ensuring that this conflict does not have an end in sight. The security implications for the rest of the world are manifesting themselves in terrorist attacks such as those in Paris, Beirut, Tunis and Sousse during 2015.

This Special Edition of the Journal of Terrorism Research welcomes contributions on all aspects of the Security and Counter-Terrorism Challenges arising from the Syrian Conflict and encourages practitioners and academics from all disciplines to submit papers.

The following suggested topics provide a guide for submissions, but papers need not be limited to this list:

  • The refugee and humanitarian crisis
  • Cross-border migration and security issues
  • Home-grown terrorism
  • ISIS
  • Islamic and/or right-wing extremism
  • Counter-terrorism strategies (both national and international)
  • Counter-extremism

For further information on the Journal and submission guidelines please visit our website at: http://jtr.st-andrews.ac.uk/

Deadline for submission of papers is the 31st August 2016. Anticipated publication is early 2017.

For further information, please email Erika Brady at: eb242@st-andrews.ac.uk

JTR - Volume 6, Issue 3 Published

Journal of Terrorism Research 6.3 is now available via our new and improved platform. This is a great way to celebrate our 5th Anniversary. Thanks to all our authors and reviewers who have contributed thus far - here's to many more years of quality articles in this important field of study.



Parochial Altruists or Ideologues? An Agent Based Model of Commitment to Self Sacrifice - Giti Zahedzadeh
Authority and Hierarchy within Anonymous Internet Relay Chat Networks - Stewart Bertram
Urban And Rural Militia Organizations In Syria’s Less Governed Spaces - Carl Wege
State Cyberterrorism: A Contradiction in Terms? - Stuart Macdonald, Lee Jarvis, Lella Nouri
A Social Identity and Social Power Perspective on Terrorism - Joshua Wright

Book Review
Gary J. Bass (2014); The Blood Telegram: Nixon, Kissinger and a Forgotten Genocide; Hurst & Co: London
Christiana Spens

JTR Website


JTR - Volume 6, Issue 2 Published

The Handa CSTPV is delighted to announce the publication of the Journal of Terrorism Research, Volume 6, Issue 2.



This is Not Your Mother’s Terrorism:
Social Media, Online Radicalization and the Practice of Political Jamming
by Laura Huey

The Arab Awakening and US counterterrorism in the Greater Middle East: A Missed Opportunity
by Eugenio Lilli

Fundamentalism and Terrorism 
by Cassandra Rausch

Terrorism in Indonesia:
A Review on Rehabilitation and Deradicalization 
by Zora A. Sukabdi

Confronting Islamic Jihadist Movements
by M Afzal Upal

Inciting Criminal Violence:
An Examination of Al Qaida’s Persuasive Devices in the Digital World 
by Julia E. Wright and Michael Bachmann

Off With Their Heads:
The Islamic State and Civilian Beheadings 
by Steven T. Zech and Zane M. Kelly

Book Review

Sandra Walklate and Gabe Mythen, Contradictions of Terrorism: Security, Risk and Resilience.and New York: Routledge 2014.
reviewed by Nick J. Sciullo

Call for papers for the Journal of Terrorism Research – May/June 2015 - Summer Edition


Select Student Research on Terrorism & Political Violence: St Andrews and Georgetown

Editors – Gillian Duncan, CSTPV, University of St Andrews & Michael Loadenthal, George Mason University/Georgetown University

This edition of the Journal of Terrorism Research showcases student scholarship from two international academic institutions: St Andrews University (Scotland, UK) and Georgetown University (Washington, DC). Read More...

JTR - Volume 6, Issue 1 Published

The Handa CSTPV is delighted to announce the publication of the Journal of Terrorism Research, Volume 6, Issue 1.




The Use of Structures in Communication Networks to Track Membership in Terrorist Groups
H.A Eiselt and J. Bhadury

Expanding the Paradigm: Countering Violent Extremism in Britain and the Need for a Youth Centric Community Based Approach
Samuel Tyler Powers

The Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Counterterrorism Policies on the PKK-inflicted Violence during the Democratization Process of Turkey
Irfan Ciftci and Sedat Kula


Changing The Rules of War: The Controversies Surrounding the United States’ Expanded Use of Drones
Emanuel Boussios

Book Review

Warren Chin. Britain and the War on Terror: Policy, Strategy and Operations
reviewed by Sarah. V Marsden

Journal of Terrorism Research

JTR - Volume 5, Issue 3 Published

The Handa CSTPV is delighted to announce the publication of the Journal of Terrorism Research, Volume 5, Issue 3.




Drones, The US and the New Wars in Africa
by Philip Attuquayefio

The Central Intelligence Agency’s Armed Remotely Piloted Vehicle-Supported Counter-Insurgency Campaign In Pakistan – A Mission Undermined By Unintended Consequences?
by Simon Bennett

Human Bombing - A Religious Act
by Mohammed Ilyas

Entering the Black Hole: The Taliban, Terrorism, and Organised Crime
by Matthew D. Phillips and Emily A. Kamen

The Theatre of Cruelty: Dehumanization, Objectification & Abu Ghraib
by Christiana Spens

Book Review

Andrew Silke, et al., (edited by Andrew Silke). Prisons, Terrorism and Extremism: Critical Issues in Management, Radicalisation and Reform.
reviewed by Robert W. Hand

Journal of Terrorism Research

JTR, Volume 5, Issue 2 Published

The Handa CSTPV is delighted to announce the publication of the Journal of Terrorism Studies, Volume 5, Issue 2.



A Case Study of Anders B. Breivik’s Intergroup Conceptualisation
by Mathias Holmen Johnsen

Operation Enduring Freedom: Institutional Constraints, Alliance Commitments, and the Power Capabilities of Counterterrorism
by Kyle T Kattelman

Adversarial Framing: President Bashar al-Assad’s Depiction of the Armed Syrian Opposition
by Fabien Merz

Operation Pillar of Defence and the 2013 Israeli Elections: Defensive or Provocative Intervention?   
by Philippe Orenes

Book Reviews

Barry Scott Zellen, State of Recovery: The Quest to Restore American Security After 9/11 (New York: Bloomsbury, 2013)
Gilbert Ramsay, Jihadi Culture on the World Wide Web ( New York: Bloomsbury, 2013)
reviewed by Richard English

Journal of Terrorism Studies

JTR - Special Edition - Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism in Sub-Saharan Africa

The Handa CSTPV is delighted to announce the publication of the Journal of Terrorism Studies, Volume 5, Issue 1. This is a special edition on Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism in Sub-Saharan Africa. This issue was edited by Dr Joel Busher, University of Huddersfield.


Introduction: Terrorism and Counter-terrorism in Sub-Saharan Africa
by Joel Busher


Sub Saharan African Terrorist Groups’ use of the Internet
by Stewart Bertram and Keith Ellison

Terrorism without Borders: Somalia’s Al-Shabaab and the global jihad network
by Daniel E. Agbiboa

Tracing Al Shabaab’s Decision to Cooperate with Al Qaeda in Somalia (2008)
by Adlini Ilma Ghaisany Sjah

Women, Gender and the evolving tactics of Boko Haram  
by Jacob Zenn and Elizabeth Pearson

‘Soldiers of God or Allah’: Religious Politicization and the Boko Haram Crisis in Nigeria
by Benjamin Maiangwa

The Politics of Amnesty in Nigeria: A Comparative Analysis of the Boko Haram and Niger Delta Insurgencies
by Michael Nwankpa

Opinion Pieces

Who Is to Teach “These Guys” to “Shoot Less?”
by Kacper Rekawek

Assessing Boko Haram: A Conversation 81
by Mark Amaliya and Michael Nwankpa

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