Donald Holbrook - Designing and Applying an ‘Extremist Media Index’

CSTPV Senior Fellow Dr Donald Holbrook has had his research note “Designing and Applying an ‘Extremist Media Index’” published in the latest edition of the open access journal Perspectives on Terrorism.
Even though notions of extremism are subjective and relative, we can still be systematic in the way we approach them. The purpose of this paper is to illustrate how such a systematic mechanism can be compiled and visualised. I propose a set of definitions, in an ‘Extremist Media Index’, to grade ideological media material conveying religious-political sentiments according to some very basic criteria concerning stages of activism and the nature of religio-political discourse. I test the reliability of these criteria and apply the Index to publications by Anwar Al-Awlaki and associated with far-right extremism in order to display the range of sentiments conveyed and how these can be understood through systematic grading.

Donald’s research note is available to download here.

The complete issue of Perspectives on Terrorism is available from its website.

JTR - Volume 6, Issue 3 Published

Journal of Terrorism Research 6.3 is now available via our new and improved platform. This is a great way to celebrate our 5th Anniversary. Thanks to all our authors and reviewers who have contributed thus far - here's to many more years of quality articles in this important field of study.



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Book Review
Gary J. Bass (2014); The Blood Telegram: Nixon, Kissinger and a Forgotten Genocide; Hurst & Co: London
Christiana Spens

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New Publication: EU Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence: A Critical Assessment

The latest publication by CSTPV’s Javier Argomaniz is out now. An edited volume published by Routledge, EU Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence: A Critical Assessment answers the question of whether the EU has lived up to its promise when it comes to combatting terrorism following the 9/11 attacks. The book presents the views of leading experts casting a critical eye over the EU’s performance on counterterrorism in the post 9-11 period, recognising achievements but also being suitably critical when the realities did not match the rhetoric.


This book is available from the publisher’s website.

You can find more about Javier Argomaniz previous publications here or here.

CSTPV Workshop - 15 October 2015

Dr Anthony Richards (University of East London)
Focusing on Anthony Richards, Conceptualizing Terrorism (Oxford University Press, 2015)
Hebdomadar’s Room, St Salvator’s Quadrangle, 5pm

On 15 October 2015 CSTPV is hosting a Workshop focusing on Dr Anthony Richards’ new book, Conceptualizing Terrorism. As with previous CSTPV Workshops, the format is that everyone attending the event has to have read the book in advance, and that the Workshop involves a one-hour discussion, without a formal presentation by Dr Richards. Previous Workshops have offered a chance - as here - to discuss important, recent works in the field.