JTR - Volume 6, Issue 2 Published

The Handa CSTPV is delighted to announce the publication of the Journal of Terrorism Research, Volume 6, Issue 2.



This is Not Your Mother’s Terrorism:
Social Media, Online Radicalization and the Practice of Political Jamming
by Laura Huey

The Arab Awakening and US counterterrorism in the Greater Middle East: A Missed Opportunity
by Eugenio Lilli

Fundamentalism and Terrorism 
by Cassandra Rausch

Terrorism in Indonesia:
A Review on Rehabilitation and Deradicalization 
by Zora A. Sukabdi

Confronting Islamic Jihadist Movements
by M Afzal Upal

Inciting Criminal Violence:
An Examination of Al Qaida’s Persuasive Devices in the Digital World 
by Julia E. Wright and Michael Bachmann

Off With Their Heads:
The Islamic State and Civilian Beheadings 
by Steven T. Zech and Zane M. Kelly

Book Review

Sandra Walklate and Gabe Mythen, Contradictions of Terrorism: Security, Risk and Resilience.and New York: Routledge 2014.
reviewed by Nick J. Sciullo

Lecture: Professor David Laitin (Stanford University)

‘Why Muslim Integration Fails: An Inquiry in Christian-Heritage Societies’

Time: 5pm
Date: 7 May 2015
Location: School III, St Salvator’s Quad
Speaker: Professor David Laitin (Stanford University)


David Laitin is the James T. Watkins IV and Elise V. Watkins Professor of Political Science and an affiliated faculty member at CISAC and TEC. He has conducted field research in Somalia, Nigeria, Spain, and Estonia. His latest book is Identity in Formation: The Russian-Speaking Populations in the Near Abroad. He is currently working on a project in collaboration with James Fearon on civil wars in the past half-century. From that project, "Ethnicity, Insurgency, and Civil War" has appeared in the American Political Science Review. Laitin received his BA from Swarthmore College and his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley.

David Laitin’s Homepage

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