Sarah Marsden - Cameron’s counter extremism plan rests on shaky foundations

Yesterday, David Cameron set out his five year plan for tackling extremism. In a piece for the LSE Politics and Policy blog, Sarah Marsden examines its founding principles, and considers the implications of focusing so heavily on ideology as the root of extremism.

Sarah Marsden - Preventing Violent Extremism: Creating Safe Spaces for Negotiating Difference

The Counter Terrorism and Security Act that came into force last week made it a statutory requirement for a range of statutory bodies, including schools, to prevent people from becoming involved in extremism. In a piece written for the Political Studies Association website, Sarah Marsden reflects on the challenges this poses for educators, and the need for safe spaces in which young people can negotiate difference.

Sarah Marsden - Westminster Faith Debates


Sarah Marsden took part in the latest in the series of Westminster Faith Debates, which examined the question of ‘What schools should do about radicalisation’. The debate took place on the day the new Counter Terrorism and Security Bill came into force obliging a range of statutory bodies, including schools, to identify those ‘at risk’ of becoming involved in both non-violent and violent extremism, making the event a timely and important forum for discussing how schools might best engage with radicalisation.

Chaired by former Education and Home Secretary Charles Clarke and Prof. Linda Woodhead of Lancaster University, the Westminster Faith Debates bring together leading academics and public figures to debate the latest research on religion and values. Initially held in central London every spring, the Faith Debates also travel out into the UK to engage with new audiences and issues.

A podcast of the event will be available shortly on the Westminster Faith Debates website: