Workshop: IEDs: Legacies and Myths

11 - 13 September 2014

An interdisciplinary workshop organised by the School of International Relations and the University of Hull.

Held at the University of St Andrews, Scotland.

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Rashmi Singh interviewed about the Israel - Hamas conflict

CSTPV’s Dr Rashmi Singh was recently interviewed by Hannah Kaviani for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (Radio Farda) about the latest Israel-Hamas conflict.This interview was translated into Farsi and can be found at

Rashmi Singh: Western 'Jihadists' Trekking to Syria, Iraq Pose New Terror Threat

CSTPV’s Dr Rashmi Singh was interviewed by as part of an article on the Western jihadists who travel to Iraq and Syria and explains the threat they pose.

The full article can be read

Javier Argomaniz lectures at the Curso de Verano sobre Terrorismo Yihadista

CSTPV’s Dr Javier Argomaniz has been invited to talk at the Curso de Verano sobre Terrorismo Yihadista organised by Universidad Pablo de Olavide in Spain. This Summer School is firmly established as the best event of its kind in the country, bringing together some of the most important national and international experts on transnational terrorism from the practitioner and academic worlds. Dr Argomaniz’s lecture discussed the European Union counter-terror policies and his findings were based on research he produced for his monograph on the subject. You can access Dr Argomaniz’s academic work here.

CSTPV Anniversary Symposium - September 2014: Provisional Programme

Terrorism Research: Past, Present and Future

A Symposium to Mark the Twentieth Anniversary of the Establishment of CSTPV

To be held at the University of St Andrews, 19-20 September 2014

The provisional programme for this symposium is now available.

CSTPV Director to Lecture at Olympia Summer Academy

Handa CSTPV Director Richard English will deliver a series of Lectures in July 2014 at the Olympia Summer Academy in Politics and International Studies, on the subject of terrorism and counter-terrorism.   For more information, please visit

Political Violence and the ‘Long Great War’, 1914-1923

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the most consequential terrorist strike in history – the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo that sparked the First World War – Handa CSTPV hosted a successful symposium on Saturday 28 June 2014. The theme of this conference was an innovative focus upon the relationship between the ‘macro-violence’ of organised warfare and the ‘micro-violence’ of political violence.

Dr Niall Whelehan (Edinburgh) traced the emergence of a new style of publicity-seeking terrorism in the later 19th century and traced its evolution down to 1914. Dr Tim Wilson (St Andrews) considered the influence of the First World War upon terrorist bombing campaigns. For his part, Dr Adrian Gregory (Oxford) noted that the strains imposed by a war of attrition between the major powers in turn unleashed an impressive wave of terrorist assassinations from 1916 onwards. Finally, Professor Conan Fisher (St Andrews) reviewed the achievements, and failures, of far-right terrorism within Weimar Germany after 1918. Discussion was appropriately lively throughout.

Dr Tim Wilson

1 July 2014

Full details of the symposium can be found here.