CSTPV Events, Semester Two

1 March 2018

Public Lecture:

Professor Scott Straus (University Wisconsin-Madison)

Parliament Hall, 5pm


15 March 2018

Guest Lecture:

Professor Bruce Hoffman (CSTPV/Georgetown University)
School VI, 5pm

Understanding the Evolving Terrorist Threat Landscape

11 April 2018


Modelling Terrorist Dynamics Workshop, CSTPV and CREEM (Centre for Research into Ecological & Environmental Modelling)
2-5pm, The Byre Theatre Conference Room (capacity. 25 people)

3 May 2018

Public Lecture:

Professor Rik Coolsaet (Ghent University/Egmont Institute, Brussels)

The post-ISIS landscape: threats, challenges and opportunities

School III, 5pm

CSTPV Events, Semester One

12 October 2017

Public Lecture:

Dr Peter Krause (Boston College and MIT Security Studies Program)
“Rebel Power”
5pm, School I, St Salvator’s Quad

28 September 2017

Public Lecture:

Dr Mark Jones
“Founding Weimar:Violence and the German Revolution of 1918–1919”
5pm, School III, St Salvator’s Quad


CSTPV Events, Semester Two

9 March 2017

Public Lecture

Professor Adrian Guelke
'What does 'terrorism' include, and why does it matter?'
5pm, Arts Lecture Theatre


6 April 2017

Paul Wilkinson Lecture

Professor Richard English
"With the Permission of God": Religion and Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century
5pm, School VI, St Salvator’s Quad


CSTPV Events, Semester One

19 October 2016

Public Lecture:

Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou
“ISIS and its Future Pasts”
5pm, Arts Seminar Room 4


3 November 2016


‘International Organisations and Terrorism: Global and Regional Responses’


7 December 2016

Public Lecture:

Professor Martin Shaw
“'The Problem of Genocide”
5pm, School II, St Salvator’s Quadrangle


CSTPV Events, Semester Two

9 March 2016

Public Lecture:

Professor Bruce Hoffman (Georgetown University):
‘Winter Is Coming: ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Current Terrorist Threat’
5pm, School III, St Salvator’s Quadrangle

14 April 2016

Public Lecture:

The Paul Wilkinson Memorial Lecture
Professor Martha Crenshaw (Stanford University):
‘ISIS, Its Adversaries, and Their Allies’
5pm, School III, St Salvator’s Quadrangle
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CSTPV Events, Semester One

15 October 2015


Dr Anthony Richards (University of East London)

Workshop focusing on Anthony Richards, Conceptualizing Terrorism (Oxford University Press, 2015)

Hebdomadar’s Room, St Salvator’s Quadrangle, 5pm

12 November 2015


Professor David Holloway (Stanford University)

‘Planning for “100 Holocausts”: U.S. and Soviet thinking about nuclear war, 1960–1972’

School III, St Salvator’s Quadrangle, 5pm

3 December 2015


Jointly hosted by CSTPV/CREEM, University of St Andrews:
‘Challenges and Perspectives in Modelling the Spatial Dynamics of Conflict and Terrorism’

Speakers: Dr Len Thomas (University of St Andrews), Dr Guido Sanguinetti (University of Edinburgh), Prof Nils Weidmann (University of Konstanz), Dr Janine Illian (University of St Andrews)

Byre Theatre, St Andrews



8 May 2015

10am, Saunders Room, Old Union Building

Professor David Laitin (Stanford University)

7 May 2015


5pm, School III, St Salvator’s Quad

‘Why Muslim Integration Fails: An Inquiry in Christian-Heritage Societies’

Speaker: Professor David Laitin (Stanford University)

16 April 2015

The Annual Paul Wilkinson Memorial Lecture

5pm, School III, St Salvator’s Quad

‘Why Terrorists Weep: Socio-Cultural Practices in the Militant Underground’

Speaker: Dr Thomas Hegghammer (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI))

29 January 2015


5pm, Seminar Room 4, New Arts Building

Seminar on British Counter-Insurgency


  • Edward Burke (University of St Andrews): 'British Army orientation and motivation in Northern Ireland: The case of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 1971-1973'

  • Sigbjorn Halsne (Glasgow University): 'British counter-insurgency operations in Helmand 2006-10'


  • Professor Peter Jackson (Glasgow University)

4 December 2014


Fantasies of Hate: Anti-Semitism and Anti-Roma Violence of the Contemporary Hungarian Radical Right’

Speaker: Dr Jeffrey Murer (St Andrews)

5pm School 6, St Salvator's Quad

16 October 2014


The Puzzle of Terrorism: A New Organizational Explanation

Speaker: Dr Max Abrahms (Northeastern University)
5pm Arts Lecture Theatre

19–20 September 2014


Terrorism Research: Past, Present and Future

Speakers to include: Warren Brown, Martha Crenshaw, Jeff Goodwin, Bruce Hoffman, Richard Jackson, John Mueller, Robert Pape, Adam Roberts, Alex Schmid, Barbara Walter

Full details can be found here

Symposium: Political Violence and the ‘Long Great War’ of 1914 -1923

28 June 2014, Hebdomadar's Room, University of St Andrews

Symposium Details

The Paul Wilkinson Lecture

24 April 2014

‘In their own words: Interviews with suicide bombers, their families and commanders’

Prof. Ariel Merari (Tel Aviv) - 5.00 pm, Arts Lecture Theatre


10 April 2014

‘Being Assassinated: The British Way of Death?’

Prof. Simon Ball (Leeds) - 5.00 pm, Arts Lecture Theatre


14 March 2014

Prof. Christopher Andrew (Cambridge) - 10.00 am, Hebdomadar’s Room


13 March 2014

Prof. Christopher Andrew (Cambridge) - 5.00 pm, Arts Lecture Theatre


10 March 2014

‘Is there a future for the Atlantic Alliance?’

The Rt Hon. the Lord Robertson of Port Ellen KT, former Secretary General of NATO - 5.00 pm, Parliament Hall


6–7 March 2014

21st Century Latin America: from Conflict to Post-Conflict Violence

The Garden Suite, The Scores Hotel, St Andrews



13 February 2014

Ex-combatants and the Post-Conflict State: Challenges of Reintegration

(Palgrave Macmillan, 2013) By Dr Jaremey McMullin (St Andrews) - 4.00 pm, Hebdomadar’s Room, St Salvator’s Quad

Public Lecture

5 December 2013

‘Violent Radicalism with Violence? Reflections on the Online Culture of Jihadi-Salafism’

Dr Gilbert Ramsay (University of St Andrews)

5pm, School I, St Salvator’s Quad


21 November 2013

Workshop focusing on -

Political Self-Sacrifice: Agency, Body, and Emotion in International Relations (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013), by Professor Karin Fierke (University of St Andrews)

5pm, Hebdomadar’s Room, St Salvator’s Quad

Joint Public Lecture with School of History

1 November 2013

The Holocaust as Global History’

Speaker: Dr Timothy Snyder (Yale University)

5pm, Arts Lecture Theatre, Arts Faculty Building


23 October 2013

Workshop focusing on -

Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict (New York: Columbia University Press, 2011) by E. Chenoweth and M. J. Stephan, with Dr Erica Chenoweth (University of Denver)

5pm, Hebdomadar’s Room, St Salvator’s Quad


17 October 2013

Workshop focusing on -

Inside Greek Terrorism (London/New York: Hurst/Oxford University Press, 2013), by Dr George Kassimeris (Wolverhampton University)

5pm, Hebdomadar’s Room, St Salvator’s Quad

Inaugural Lecture

10th April 2013

‘Does Terrorism Work?’

Professor Richard English, University of St Andrews

Update: Lecture audio now available

Paul Wilkinson Memorial Lecture on Terrorism and Political Violence

4th April 2013

‘The Bombing of the King David Hotel, July 1946’

Professor Bruce Hoffman, Georgetown University

Update: Lecture audio now available

Public Seminar

14th March 2013

‘Black Swans and Burstiness: Countering Myths about Terrorism’

Professor Gary LaFree, START

Public Lecture

28th February 2013

Islamic Fundamentalism

Professor Michael Cook, Princeton University

Update: Lecture audio now available

Public Seminar

21st February 2013

‘The Kosova Liberation Army’

Professor James Pettifer, Oxford University

Public Seminar

6 December 2012

‘Self-Sacrifice and Martyrdom in Contemporary Film’

Professor Robert Burgoyne (University of St Andrews)

Invitation only CSTPV/FCO Lecture

19 November 2012

‘The Transformation of Civil Wars, 1800–2012’

Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London

Professor Stathis Kalyvas (Yale University)


16 November 2012

‘Victims of Terrorism – Multidisciplinary Approaches’

Conference, Fairmont Hotel


Public Seminar

25 October 2012

‘Terrorism, History, and Human Rights’

Professor Roy Foster (Oxford University) & Professor Conor Gearty (London School of Economics)

Public Seminar

12 September 2012

The Challenges of Afghanistan Transition

A public seminar hosted by the CSTPV and the Institute for Iranian Studies

Karl W. Eikenberry

Public Seminar

3 May 2012

‘The Terrorist’s Dilemma: Managing Violence in Covert Organisations’

Speaker: Dr Jacob Shapiro (Princeton University)

Public Workshop

19 April 2012

‘Explaining Terrorism’: A focusing on the work of Prof Martha Crenshaw (Stanford University)

Speakers: Prof Martha Crenshaw (Stanford), Prof Louise Richardson (St Andrews), Dr Tim Wilson (St Andrews), Dr Gilbert Ramsay (St Andrews)

Public Workshop

16 March 2012

‘Hierarchy in International Relations?’

Co-hosted by CSTPV/Centre for Global Constitutionalism, School of IR

Prof David Lake (University of California, San Diego)

The Annual University of St Andrews Lecture on Terrorism and Political Violence

15 March 2012

‘Global Insurgency: Terrorism, Political Violence, and International Hierarchy’

Prof David Lake (University of California, San Diego)

Public Seminar

1 March 2012

‘Civil Resistance and Power Politics in the Arab Spring’

Professor Sir Adam Roberts (Oxford University/British Academy)

One-Day Conference

16 February 2012

‘Assessing the Emergency Response to Terrorism’

Speakers: Simon Lewis (British Red Cross), Dr Afzal Ashraf (St Andrews), Prof Malcolm Dando (University of Bradford), Sir David Omand (King’s College London), Montine Walters (CBRNE World), Dr Anthony Richards (UEL)

Public Seminar

9 February 2012

‘Overcoming Obstacles: Counter-Terrorism Police and Community Engagement’

Speakers: Professor Richard English (St Andrews), Dr Bob Lambert (St Andrews), Orla Lynch (St Andrews), Dr Basia Spalek (University of Birmingham)

Public Seminar

1 December 2011

‘Suicide Bombing: Politics and Explanations’

Speakers: Prof Karin Fierke (IR, St Andrews), Dr Rashmi Singh (CSTPV, St Andrews)


25 November 2011

‘Ten Years of EU Counter-terrorism Policy: A Critical Assessment’

Speakers: Dr Javier Argomaniz (CSTPV, St Andrews), Prof Edwin Bakker (University of Leiden), Prof Monica den Boer (VU University Amsterdam), Dr Christian Kaunert (EUI Florence), Dr Oldrich Bures (Prague Metropolitan University), Dr Sarah Léonard (Sciences Po, Paris), Prof. Jorg Monar (University of Sussex)

Public Seminar

17 November 2011

‘Political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood in Post-Mubarak Egypt’

Speaker: Dr Katerina Dalacoura (London School of Economics)

Public Seminar

20 October 2011

‘Theorising Radicalisation’

Speaker: Prof Stuart Croft (University of Warwick)


2 September 2011

‘9/11: Ten Years On’

All-day Co-Hosted by the British Academy/University of St Andrews To be held at the British Academy in London

Speakers: Prof Sir Adam Roberts (British Academy/Oxford), Prof Lawrence Freedman (KCL), Prof Conor Gearty (LSE), Dr Rashmi Singh (CSTPV, St Andrews), Prof Charles Townshend (Keele), Dr Alia Brahimi (LSE), Sir David Omand (KCL), Professor Audrey Kurth Cronin (George Mason University), Professor Richard English (CSTPV, St Andrews)