TOEBI: Teachers of Old English in Britain and Ireland

Annual Meeting 2009: Saturday 24 October, Lawson Lecture Room, School of English, University of St Andrews, The Scores, St Andrews, 10am- ca. 4.30pm

Among the speakers will be Robyn Bray, Erika Corradini, Kees Dekker, Tom Duncan, Chris Jones, Hugh Magennis, and Don Scragg.

The theme for this meeting will be 'Learning Old English: Past and Present'. We are hoping to explore some of the following areas:

  • the learning of Old English from the sixteenth to the twenty-first centuries
  • Old English and early comparative philology
  • early dictionaries and grammars of Old English and their modern use
  • nineteenth-, twentieth- and twenty-first-century learning of Old English
  • modern authors learning Old English
  • learning methods and teaching materials from the past in a modern context

A provisional programme is available at this stage; further details will be given at a later point.

Our lunch on the day will generously be sponsored by SALTIRE ('St Andrews Learning and Teaching: Innovation, Review and Enhancement'). SALTIRE is a department of the University of St Andrews which provides a range of services for students and staff to promote excellence in learning and teaching, explore new approaches to learning and teaching, help monitor and evaluate progress through innovation, review and enhancement.

Further parts of the programme:

Results of a survey of how TOEBI members have been studying and teaching Old English.

The AGM of TOEBI will, as in previous years, also be held at the meeting.


Registration and attendance of the meeting is free of charge. For members of TOEBI, the lunch will also be subsidised and free of charge. (For non-members of TOEBI who would like to participate in the lunch, a £10 charge applies which will be payable in cash or cheque on the day). If you are planning to attend the meeting, whether as a member or non-member of TOEBI, you must fill in the registration form below and post it to St Andrews.

Registration Form

Transport to St Andrews

Accommodation in St Andrews

Map of St Andrews

For further information, please contact:

Dr Christine Rauer
School of English
University of St Andrews
St Andrews KY16 9AL
01334 462686

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