This annotated bibliography was in the first instance compiled as part of my work on the Old English Martyrology for the electronic sourcing project Fontes Anglo-Saxonici (1998-99). No comprehensive bibliography of publications relating to the Old English Martyrology had been published for some twenty years, and it seemed to make sense to present an annotated list at that stage, in electronic format for occasional updating. Although few modern scholars have concentrated on the Old English Martyrology in its entirety, more and more work is now being published on more distinct aspects of the text, such as its individual hagiographical traditions, the dating and sourcing of the text, its possible Alfredian background and its important role in earlier Anglo-Saxon hagiography. Originally compiled as a guide to the extensive work on the sources of the Old English Martyrology by the late James E. Cross (University of Liverpool), the bibliography now covers publications on all aspects of the text.

Corrigenda, addenda, comments and questions relating to this bibliography should be directed to Dr Christine Rauer, School of English, University of St Andrews, St Andrews, KY16 9AL, UK or

Note: The numbering system for individual sections of the Old English Martyrology used here is essentially that devised by G. Kotzor, who subdivided the text into 238 main sections and assigned the corresponding titles and reference numbers. (For further details on numbering systems, see also Reference).

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