What we are reading

These are some of the books and articles that members of the research group are reading. They all deal with aspects of the collaborative process in anthropology:

  • Bahr, D. M, J. Gregorio, D. I. López and A. Alvarez. 1974. Piman Shamanism and Staying Sickness. Tucson. University of Arizona Press.
  • Biehl, J. 2005. Vita: Life in a Zone of Social Abandonment. Berkeley. University of California Press.
  • Buckley, T. 1987. Dialogue and Shared Authority: Informants as Critics. Central Issues in Anthropology 7 (1): 13-23.
  • Hale, C. R. (2008). Engaging Contradictions: Theory, Politics, and Methods of Activist Scholarship. Berkeley. University of California Press.
  • Holland, D. et al. (2010). Models of Engaged Scholarship: an Interdisciplinary Discussion. Collaborative Anthropologies 3: 1-36.
  • Holmes, D. R., & Marcus, G. E. (2008). Collaboration Today and the Re-imagination of the Classic Scene of Fieldwork Encounter. Collaborative Anthropologies 1 (1): 81-101.
  • Lassiter, L. E. 2008. Moving Past Public Anthropology and Doing Collaborative Research. NAPA Bulletin 29: 70-86.
  • Lassiter, L. E., H. Goodall, E. Campbell and M. N. Johnston (eds.). 2004. The Other Side of Middletown: Exploring Muncie’s African American Community. Altamira.
  • Lawless, E. 1993. Holy Women, Wholly Women: Sharing Ministries Through Life Histories and Reciprocal Ethnography. Philadelphia. University of Pennsylvania Press.
  • Majnep, I. S. and R. Bulmer. 1977. Birds of My Kalam Country. Auckland and Oxford. Auckland University Press and Oxford University Press.
  • Ridington, R. and D. Hastings. 2000. Blessings for a Long Time: the Sacred Pole of the Omaha Tribe. Lincoln. University of Nebraska Press.
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