11th and 12th September

Hebdomadar’s Room


Friday 11th September


9.00 am. Introduction and welcome.


Session 1. Anthropological Ethics and the Limits Collaboration.

Chair: Dr Stavroula Pipyrou (University of St Andrews)


9.15am. Dr Martha-Cecilia Dietrich (University of Berne): A Dangerous Case? Research Collaborations in Post-conflict Settings.


10.00am. Dr Casey High (University of Edinburgh): Changing the Stakes: Anthropological Collaboration Across Cultures and Disciplines.


10.45am. Coffee break


Session 2. Authorship Dilemmas and Collaborative Challenges

Chair: Dr Stephanie Bunn (University of St Andrews)


11.15am. Dr Paloma Gay y Blasco (University of St Andrews): Intimacy, Ethnography and Collaboration: Attempting a Reciprocal Gypsy/Roma Life.


12.00pm. Dr Laura Coppens (University of Berne): Precarious Interactions: the Challenges of Collaboration in the Anthropological Film Anak-Anak Srikandi (Children of Srikandi).


12.45pm. Lunch break


1.45pm. Professor Kristin Kuutma (University of Tartuu): An Early Challenge of Co-Authorship.


Session 3. Roundtable: Bringing Collaboration into New Research.

Chair: Sarah Friend (University of St Andrews).



4.00m Coffee break


4.30 Discussion


7.00pm Symposium Dinner at the Grill House, Market Street


Saturday 12th September


Session 4. Practical Workshop

9.15am. Dr Wendy Gunn (University of Southern Denmark) and Dr Wafa Said Mosleh (University of Southern Denmark): Limitations and Potentials of Design Materials within Collaborative Research Practices.


11.15am Coffee break


Session 5. Communities of Collaboration

Chair: Adom Philogene Heron (University of St Andrews).


11.45am. Dr Stavroula Pipyrou (University of St Andrews): The Cosmopolitan Endeavor: Staged Performances and the Limits of Collaboration and Creativity.


12.30pm. Lunch break.


1.30pm. Dr Jeanne Féaux de la Croix (Tübingen University): Opening and Closing Doors: on the Possibilities of Collaboration in Central Asia.


2.15pm. Dr Christopher Hewlett (University of St Andrews) and members of the Amahuca Cultural Centre via Skype from Peru: Amahuaca Cultural Heritage and the Question of Anthropological Collaboration.


3.00pm Coffee break


Session 4. The Scope and Diversity of Collaboration

Chair: Dr Paloma Gay y Blasco (University of St Andrews).


3.30pm. Dr Andrew Irving (University of Manchester): The Man Who Almost Killed Himself: Three Modes of Collaboration.


4.15pm. Dr Stephanie Bunn (University of St Andrews): Collaboration and Resistance: Fusion, Friction and Flow in Collaborative Research.

5.00pm. Coffee Break


5.30pm. Final Discussion.