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What the workshop used to do

Custom Built Apparatus 
in Pyrex, Quartz, Soda or Lead. 
Vacuum Lines, 
Solvent Still Heads,
Schlenk Tubes & Flasks, 
Glass to Metal Seals, 
Quartz to Pyrex Seals or 
any idea you come up with.

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A glassblower coiled the long tube of glass used in Galileo’s thermometer.  A team of glassblowers fashioned the light bulb for Thomas Edison, as well as the necessary glass vacuum pumps.  Glassblower assisted Vladimir Zworykin in developing the tube that evolved into the television. The list goes on.  I havent done anything as great as this yet. Glassblowing is made up of lots of different categories one of those is the Scientific and Medical Glassblower. This is the seven year apprenticeship I served. 

This workshop is now closed.
Please follow instructions below
For repairs and small items contact
for all other items read below
Glass-blowing orders are now dealt with by Heriot-Watt University Glassblowing Workshop. Please note: this service is only available to the School of Chemistry. Contact information: Mr Paul Allan
phone: 0131 451 8022
Paul Allan (Glassblower)
Perkin Stores, William Perkin Building
School of Engineering & Physical Sciences
Heriot Watt University
Edinburgh, EH14 4AS

Glassblowing Workshop, School of Chemistry, North Haugh, St Andrews, KY16 9ST 


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history of the workshop


The workshop was always open 
for anyone to come and discuss 
or design work projects.
Please let me know as early 
as possible any projects you 
have planned for the future as 
soon as possible as the 
materials needed may have to 
be ordered and deliveries can 
take a long time.