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President: Emma Chinnery

Hi, I'm Emma and I'll be Breakaway's president for this year! I'm a third year Biology student from the Wirral (it's a real place, honest). I joined Breakaway to explore Scotland & do some more adventurous hiking - it was one of the best decisions I've made since coming to St A. I love being outside and meeting new people so Breakaway is perfect for me! Other than hiking I love sailing, reading, music and scouting. I'm super excited to be part of Breakaway this year & I'll hopefully see you on a hill sometime!

Vice President: Lucy Dornan

Hello! I'm Lucy and I am Vice-president of Breakaway for 20/21. I am a third year Geography with Sustainable Development student and as my degree course suggests, I have a keen interest in the environment and love being outdoors. I have been hill walking since I was little as it was something my parents thoroughly enjoyed so naturally I followed suit. I am so grateful for having many opportunities to enjoy Scotland's breathtaking scenery and amazing surroundings and I look forward to exploring more of it with Breakaway! Hopefully see you all on the hill soon.

Secretary: Freddie Goldstone

Hi! I'm Freddie, a second year studying Geography. I'm from London so I am quite restricted to going up high, unless you call The Chilterns hillwalking! I joined Breakaway as soon as I started uni as I was really keen to occasionally get out of the St Andrews bubble, and certainly have no regrets in doing so. It is honestly such a great club, and I have met so many amazing people. When not being blown away (pun intended) from a munro, I enjoy playing the violin, watching football, and collecting weird and wonderful maps (yes, I'm a huge nerd!). I am really excited to be taking the role of secretary this year and I do apologise in advance for the countless numbers of emails you will receive from myself. See you up the mountain!

Treasurer: Lynnea Colledge

Hello! I'm Lynnea and I am a third year studying Geography and Arabic. I grew up in Washington state in the US where I was lucky enough to live just over an hour from the mountains, which hosted incredible hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and skiing that I would often take advantage of as a form of procrastination. I have had so much fun getting to explore beautiful places with Breakaway, and everyone I have met in this community has been incredibly friendly and passionate about the outdoors. Besides hillwalking, I enjoy playing board games, travelling, and baking, so I look forward to working with many of you to make desserts on our weekend trips!

Membership Secretary: Niklas Becker

Hi! I'm Niklas. As your Membership Secretary you'll see me at SignUps for trips and I am in charge of everything related to joining this wonderful club. I'm a Philosophy Master's student in St Andrews. But when I'm not sitting somewhere in the Library, pondering deep questions about the nature of reasoning, I like striding through the amazing landscapes of Scotland. I'm from southern Germany, so I basically grew up hillwalking, mountaineering, climbing and skiing. I love the outdoors, so joining Breakaway was a superb decision. I also really like the comradeship of being on the trips. I look forward to seeing y'all on the Breakaway adventures we planned for this year!

Social Rep: Anouk Huyghebaert

Hi! I'm Anouk and I am one of the Social Secs for the year! I'm a fourth year Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry student from Belgium, and have loved exploring the outdoors through hiking all my life. I've spent my life travelling around the world and have been fortunate enough to explore many diverse types of landscapes in the meanwhile. Since coming on my first Breakaway trip during my first year at St Andrews I completely fell in love with the hills and nature Scotland has to offer. However, Breakaway for me has been even more about the people that make up this wonderful community becoming lifelong friends! Together with Anna Louise, I'll be organising weekly socials in order to bring this community together and create a warm & welcoming place!

Social Rep: Anna Louise Todsen

Hi! My name is Anna Louise and I am a third-year student of Social Anthropology and Psychology. While I am from Denmark, my love for the outdoors grew as I got to spend two years in New Mexico during high school. And Scotland has shown itself to be the perfect place to pursue this passion further! Breakaway has given me a place to go when needing a break from St Andrews, many new friends, and amazing experiences all over Scotland. However, Breakaway is not just about going on long hillwalking trips. Along with the other Social Sec, Anouk, I organize social events happening in St Andrews every week. We really strive to make Breakaway a community in which everyone feels welcome, even if they do not know anyone or have any previous hillwalking experience. Looking forward to seeing you at our socials and on the hills!

Keeper of Kit and Master of Map: Ludovic Glasson

Hi! My name is Ludovic and I'm a second-year student in Biology and Philosophy. I decided to run for Kit officer this year as I saw it as an exceptional opportunity to learn. To learn about the kit required to hill walk in the highlands. And to learn about responsibility and duty not only towards the rest of the committee, but also towards all people who join our trips. That is what I love about Breakaway: it is a place of true freedom. It is true that there are many responsibilities in being part of a hiking group. But those responsibilities simply show that we can rely on each other. On the hill we all are free because it is up to us to make sense of all the trips and all the experiences. No one can tell you that you're enjoying yourself incorrectly. We can only make every trip better by sharing it together. So, come and join us!

Publicity Monkey: Katrine Thommesen

Hi! I'm Katrine and I am a second year studying Neuroscience. I am Danish, and as Denmark is just about as hilly as a pancake, I only started hiking when I worked in the Alps, but then I quickly fell in love with it! Other than exploring Scotland, I love travelling, (awfully slow) runs on the beach and just trying new things. But mostly, I just look forward to meeting all of you on trips!

Webmaster: Polina Sevastyanova

I've been hiking ever since I moved to Scotland from Russia as a kid, and my parents took me hiking all over the highlands and islands. Coming to St Andrews, I'm glad that I got to continue doing so with interesting and fun new people. Breakaway weekend trips have been some of the best times I've had at uni. A cozy hostel is just such a nice place to get to know people without the context of St Andrews, and who doesn't love an evening of card games and cooking after a long day of hiking? All I can say is, come on one of our trips and you'll probably have a really nice time. Hope to meet you guys soon! :)

Ordinary Member: Simon Schwesig

Hi, I'm Simon and I am a Master student in Terrorism and Political Violence. I grew up in the South of Germany where I lived close to the Alps. So, the mountains have always been one of my favorite places. I love to go hiking and enjoying breathtaking scenery. At the moment, I am pursuing all 283 Munros - which undoubtedly is a task for a whole life but let's see how far I will come. Besides hiking, and if I am not buried in assignments, I enjoy board games and playing football. If you want to wear our fancy jumper to show the world (or just everyone in the library) you are part of Breakaway, as Ordinary Member aka Master of Merch, I am your man! We are such a fun bunch of people, so I hope you join us for our next adventures in the highlands!

Ordinary Member: Matthew Cunningham

Hi everyone, it's Matt. I'm a fourth year Maths student from Sussex in the very south of England - so hills are something of a novelty to me. I struggled at first with the concept of hillwalking (to be fair in the mornings on a trip I still do) but the panoramic views and comradeship (definitely not collective whining) on walks make it all worth it. When I'm not striding through the wilds of Scotland some of my favourite things include: Coen brother films, dream pop and organising reading groups that never come to fruition. I'm really looking forward to meeting you all in this coming year of Breakaway adventures!

Mascot: Fudge McDuff

Hi, I'm a highland cow and I love Breakaway! I really like the Scottish Highlands and seeing them from the snuggly comfort of a friendly hillwalker's backpack. Sometimes it's difficult to see though, with all my hair getting in the way. When I'm not seeing the Highlands, I live with the social reps who take good care of me - they're the best!

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