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CUPS worksheets

The "Consortium For Upper-level Physics Software" has produced a number of excellent simulations. These are used in a number of courses at the University of St Andrews including teaching optics in first year and quantum mechanics in third year. The third year QM use has been in the form of a hands-on computational session which replaced four lecture slots with half the class attending two sets of two PC-classroom based sessions. In the first session we introduced the software's ability to perform one-dimensional bound state solutions, and gave the students written work to hand in, based on choosing two exercises from a pool of four on these bound state problems. In the second PC-classroom session we introduced stationary scattering states in one dimension and again asked the students to undertake one exercise from a choice of three. All of these exercises are based on information drawn and adapted from the CUPS Quantum Mechanics manual. The culmination of this is for the students to work in groups on a project concerning electron states in a 1D lattice. [Please take note of the solvable problem in CUPS, associated with a bug in Turbo Pascal on machines running at > ~200MHz. Find information on this]

1D bound state worksheets Stationary scattering states in 1D
Introduction and finite square well
The uncertainty principle
The double square well
The harmonic oscillator
Introduction to Scattering
The Square Barrier
The Potential Step

Project: Electron states in a one dimensional lattice



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