Talk and tour

We encourage anyone thinking of applying to the University to attend one of our visiting days. If this is not possible, a talk and tour can be arranged instead.

The University welcomes visitors every weekday (Monday to Friday) throughout the year, with the exception of the May Day and Christmas holidays.

Whilst Admissions aims to be flexible as to which week day you come to visit, visit times are set and cannot be amended. Talk and tours are not available on a Saturday or Sunday.

St Andrews requests that you give two weeks’ notice in advance of your visit, so that we can ensure the best service on the day. Details of the visit will vary depending on the time of year you attend.

For information on travelling to and accommodation in St Andrews, advice is available on visiting St Andrews.

How to book

You can request a talk and tour at St Andrews by completing our online talk and tour booking form below. 

Talk and tour booking form

Professional contacts such as college counsellors, careers advisors, and teachers are welcome to book using the below form. School groups wishing to visit should email

Professional contacts booking form

Weekend and out-of-hours visits

If you are unable to visit the University during opening hours, you are very welcome to tour the grounds of the University yourself using our self-guided tour leaflet (PDF) .