Coronavirus information and guidance

Talk and tour

We encourage anyone thinking of applying to the University to attend one of our visiting days. If this is not possible, a talk and tour can be arranged instead.

Our virtual visits

Until further notice we will be offering a virtual information session in place of our talk and tour, every week day. 

This session will be hosted by a member of Admissions staff and will cover our flexible degree structure, how to apply, accommodation, student life and more.

You can also book an 'ask a student Q and A' as part of your virtual visit. This session is hosted by one of our two summer student Ambassadors and provides an opportunity for you to ask all of your student experience questions. If you do not have time for a session, you can meet more of our ambassadors on the ask a student page.

Watch our virtual tour of St Andrews, led by a student Ambassador, below.

Prospective postgraduate students are encouraged to attend a Masters programme information session or email

How to book

You can book a virtual information session by completing our online booking form below. 

Booking form


How to book - professional contacts

Professional contacts such as college counsellors, careers advisors, and teachers are welcome to book using the below form. School groups wishing to visit should email

Professional contacts booking form

Weekend and out-of-hours visits

If you are unable to visit the University during opening hours, you are very welcome to tour the grounds of the University yourself using our self-guided tour leaflet (PDF) .

Virtual tour

Join our Ambassador, Thomas, on a virtual tour of St Andrews, and learn about the town, the university and some of our more unique traditions.


Meet our summer ambassadors

In June, July and August, our ask a student sessions will be led by one of our two summer Ambassadors, Calum and Spencer.   

My degree subjects: English and Modern History. 

Halls I have lived in: Andrew Melville Hall, where I am the outgoing Deputy Senior Student.

My favourite thing about St Andrews: The strong sense of community we have here, together with the Tardis-like nature of the town. I can recognise friendly faces walking to my lectures, whilst constantly finding new societies, people, and parts of the town like the Botanic Gardens - a hidden gem and a great place to read! I think that's a pretty special balance.

- Glassford, South Lanarkshire, Scotland

My degree subject: I'm in my third year studying Mathematics and I've also had the pleasure of taking some Economics and Computer Science modules. 

Halls I have lived in: I've spent the majority of my three years in McIntosh Hall, and a few months in Agnes Blackadder hall, in both single and shared rooms.

My favourite thing to do in St Andrews: When I'm not having fun with Maths or socialising in my hall, my favourite thing to do in St Andrews is play a round on the Himalayas Putting Green with friends.


- Pretoria, South Africa