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Processing ethical applications

Applications for ethical approval will be submitted to the S.E.C. Secretary/Convenor for processing and duly circulated for approval by the School Ethics Committee. Following approval by the SEC the project may proceed.  However, in certain cases where substantial ethical issues are involved, the School Ethics Committee may refer the application to UTREC.   Refer to School Ethics Committee and Remit

School ethics committee secretary/convenor role

The School Ethics Committee Secretary/Convenor is responsible for the processing of Ethical Applications for their own School/Unit.   Those primary duties should be defined by your own School/Unit but may include:

  • Act on behalf of committee as first point of contact; initial contact for the receipt of Ethical Application /Amendment Forms.
  • Circulate Ethical Application/Amendment Form to S.E.C. Members and schedule S.E.C. meetings to discuss.
  • Attend S.E.C. meetings to minute/note comments made regarding each Ethical /Amendment Application.
  • Act on behalf of S.E.C. in providing applicants with a written response from the S.E.C. on any issues in relation to their application which require correction (This is typically dealt with by the convenor).
  • Act of behalf of the S.E.C. in entering approved applications onto the Database and approval.
  • Ensure that the final version of the approved, signed off application is retained in-house for reference.
  • Act on behalf of the S.E.C. in producing standard Approval Letter / Email (standard template letter / email below).
  • Retain filed hard copies of approved applications and approval letter.

The Flowchart for School Administrator (Convener/Secretary) (PDF, 19 KB) helps demonstrate the process from submission to approval.

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