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Security-sensitive or extremism-related research declaration

All researchers undertaking research that involves accessing, possessing, using or disseminating security-sensitive or extremism-related material* are required to complete a declaration form, in line with the process described in the accompanying guidance. The declaration form contains information that is intended to help researchers understand the risks involved in such research and provide information on the storage of such material.

Researchers are not restricted in carrying out such research and do not have to seek prior approval before doing so: the declaration is not an application for approval, but is intended to provide protection against potential misinterpretation of a researcher’s activity by law enforcement authorities. A researcher’s School Ethics Committee will check that the researcher has filled out the form correctly, and then store it on the University’s ethics database. The form would only be accessed and provided to a law enforcement authority if and when a researcher is subject to any such attention from a law enforcement authority.

Security-sensitive or extremism-related research declaration (Word, 42 KB)

Approval process: security-sensitive or extremism-related research declaration (PDF, 83 KB)

*definitions are provided in the declaration form

Responsibilities and contact points

Individual researchers are responsible for familiarising themselves with the form and process guidance, and completing the form accordingly.

If individual researchers require any assistance completing the form, they should contact their School Ethics Committee using the contact email addresses listed on the SEC members page. School Ethics Committees can seek advice, if/when required, from the Prevent Co-ordinator.






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