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Staff voicemail enquiries

A number of schools, units and individual staff extensions within the University have access to voicemail. If a participating extension is not answered within the designated 6 rings, and it has not been diverted to another extension, or the extension is engaged, the caller will be diverted to voice mail and invited to leave a message.

.WAV File
When a message is left in the mailbox the voice mail system will email the user to notify them and a .wav file will be attached. The user can then listen to the .wav file without having to access the voice mail system,
However, the messages remain marked as "unread" on the system and it will not be deleted. It is the responsibility of the user to maintain their own mailbox by entering their mailbox to delete old messages.

There is a limited capacity for storage on the voice mail system and if the mailbox becomes full a caller may get the message "this mailbox is full" and will be unable to leave a message.

Bulletin Mode

Bulletin mode can be used to remove the ability for a caller to leave a message during periods of absence, such as extended research leave, holiday etc. The facility to use bulletin mode can be activated by
the Telephone Office. Once activated the user can enable/disable bulletin mode through the voice mail menu options.

Staff must send an email request to the Telephone Office as shown below for a voicemail box to be initiated. A link with the instructions on how to set up the voice mailbox will then be sent.

In certain circumstances a caller may be presented with a "does not answer" message. It means that the extension dialled has not been answered within the allotted time, it does not have voicemail and it has been diverted to another extension which in turn has not been answered. In these circumstances, the telephone system attempts to return the call to the original extension and cannot do so. As a result, the above message is generated.


Telephone Office

Old Union
79 North Street
St Andrews
KY16 9AJ
Scotland, United Kingdom

Tel: 01334 462100