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Voice and data connection pricing information

Costs of providing your telephone service fall into six main areas:

Cabling/outlet costs Up front capital - paid by you
Exchange equipment costs (new extn cards) Up front capital paid by you. Connection charge only.
User equipment costs (replacement telephones etc) Up front capital paid by you
Configuration administration costs No charge to you
Exchange line and exchange equipment maintenance costs No charge to you
Call charge costs Paid by you monthly


When you request a new telephone line, your cost centre will initially be charged the capital cost of:

  • any new telephone extension cabling/socket (voice or data) outlets/trunking fitted
  • any new exchange equipment activated
  • any new/reconditioned telephone handset supplied

Depending on the circumstances, your cost centre may not be required to meet all of these costs if for example:

  • An existing, currently unused, extension outlet is being re-activated (no connection or move fee).
  • An existing extension line is being deactivated/ceased
  • An existing telephone handset (already held by you) is to be re-used  

Thereafter, your cost centre will be debited monthly for the cost of any chargeable telephone calls you make.

Cabling/outlet prices

Single socket outlet (ex VAT) 1 x voice £180.00 for cat 6/6a
Single socket outlet (ex VAT) 1 x data £180.00 for cat 6/6a
Dual socket outlet (ex VAT) 1 x voice, 1 x data £220 for cat6/6a
Dual socket outlet (ex VAT) 2 x voice £220 for cat6/6a
Dual socket outlet (ex VAT) 2 x data £220 for cat6/6a
Relocate single voice outlet (ex VAT)   £150.00
Relocate single data outlet (ex VAT)   £150.00
Relocate dual outlet (ex VAT)   £180.00

NB:The above prices are for guidance only and should not be treated as a definitive costing. Time related and other charges
may apply depending on the difficulty of route finding, installation and associated equipment costs

Exchange/equipment prices

Telephone exchange voice port connection £200.00 (refundable if no longer required)
Move extension (when moving office - if two numbers exist of the same type). Electronic swap only. No Charge
Convert extension (when socket/cabling already in place). No Charge other than for a replacement telephone (Analogue £10-£20 - Digital £70-£110)

NOTE: CAT 6/6A is now the University standard. Requests for sockets exceeding 10 will be provided at Cat 6a as standard


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