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Order voice/data connection(s) and mobile telephones/SIMs

You will need ...

An email account for requesting changes.  Contact IT Service Desk on extn. 3333 if you need an account. (Changes and requests will only be accepted using this form)

You can ...

  • Order new telephone or data sockets
  • Ask for your existing telephone or data socket to be moved.
  • Order a new telephone or any other equipment available from the Telephone Office
  • Order a mobile telephone or SIM card

You should ...

  • Fill in all the fields in the form, it will not be accepted otherwise.
  • Explain what is required, in the requirements box, giving sufficient detail that a contractor could carry out the required work. This must now include locations of sockedts (i.e north wall room XXX etc)
  • Check what you ask for, as what you ask for is exactly what you will get.

    N.B. This form is not required for moves of telephones from one socket to another in which case email with the details.  (This should include the pair or socket number that any telephone is to be moved from and to). 24 hours notice is required.

When the completed form has been submitted the request will be emailed to your selected cost centre manager for approval. An acknowledgement containing the requester's and cost centre manager's email addresses will be sent to the Telephone Office at the same time. If the cost centre or authoriser you want to use is not in the drop down box, send an e mail with the full requirement to the cost centre authoriser and have the cost centre authoriser forward to the e mail address above with the word approved as the subject or the first words of the text.. (It is likely that there will be 10 - 20 working day lead in period before installation work can commence).

To change or add cost centres/authorisers please contact the telephone office via e mail. 

If no approval is received within 5 working days the Telephone office will close the initial request and inform you that it must be re-submitted.

Once approved by the cost centre authoriser no changes can be made direct with the contractor.

The engagement of an external contractor for the installation of new sockets will generate an invoice. The invoice will be sent to the telephone office and checked for accuracy before being forwarded to accounts payable and charged against the cost centre first quoted authorising the work to take place.

NB: Whilst the telephone office will arrange for the work to take place, with an external contractor, and arrange asbestos clearance, it is the responsibility of the point of contact (POC) to liaise with the contractor, on arrival, as to where the new installations are to be sited as well as arranging any access, except telephone exchanges/comms rooms, to enable the contractor to carry out the requested work. The POC is further responsible for signing for the completed work as being satisfactory and to ensure any residue from the work is removed.

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