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Order a telephone handset

‌‌Analogue telephones

The Agent 1000 is a basic entry, handsfree analogue telephone. Cost inclusive of VAT and Delivery £20.  Available from the telephone office (5034)

Approx Delivery period: 2 day(s)

Agent 1000 Handsfree handset

 Analogue Handset with Handsfree

The Agent 1000 has all the features you would expect in a high quality business telephone, like adjustable ringer volume and pitch, ringing indicator and last number redial. It is also has handsfree capability and 10 programmable memory buttons. A further feature is the ever useful headset port. (Headset POA to telephone office)

MD110 Telephone User Guide (PDF, 131 KB)

From time to time the Telephone Office obtains University pre-owned telephones. We send these telephones away to be tested, refurbished and cleaned professionally. A number of pre-owned Analog telephones are currently available for purchase at a reduced price.

Each telephone comes fully guaranteed. 

Digital telephones 

Your school/unit owns your existing digital telephone handset and you are fully responsible for it.

If your current digital telephone is an Ericsson 2600, 3000 series you should contact the Telephone Office as replacements, repairs or upgrades to these digital handsets are no longer available.

Ericsson Dialog 4220 Lite/Dialog 4222 Office (£51.91/£102.26)

Order a Telephone Handset _ image of Ericsson Dialog 4220

The Dialog 4220 Lite and Dialog 4222 Office are basic digital telephones.

To find out more details download the Dialog 4220 Lite/Dialog 4222 User Guide (PDF, 1,004 KB)

4220: £39
4222: £70

Ericsson Dialog 3212 and 4225 Vision (DBC 4225 replaces Dialog 3213) 

Digital telephone Dialog 3212Digital HandsetDialog 4223

Dialog 4225

The Dialog 3212 - £70 and Dialog 4225 Vision - £105 are digital telephones incorporating more advanced features.
(add on units are available for the 4225). These are refurbished handsets and not new. They are clean and functional but may have
slight marks

For full details download the Dialog 4223 Prof/Dialog 4225 User Guide (PDF, 1,406 KB)

'Add-on' Key panel for Dialog 4225

Order a Telephone Handset _ image of Add on panel

The key panel offers 17 additional keys for storing your most frequently used telephone numbers and functions. This add-on feature is for handsets Dialog 4223/4225 only.


Plantronics Supra HW261H Headset (£77)

The Supra binaural headset with voice tube comes complete with a U10P bottom
cord and is lightweight with a stylish design for all day wearing comfort and is suitable
for the most demanding of environments. Features include excellent sound quality.

Please Note: The U10P connection is compatible with Ericsson 4000 Series handsets

with dedicated headset ports on the base of the unit and can connect directly.

General Information

All Prices exclusive of VAT/Delivery

To order a handset or headset obtain further details from the Telephone Office call extn 2100 or 7221


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