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Conference Telephones

Polyspan Analogue Conference Telephone

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This purpose-built analogue conference telephone allows up to ten people seated comfortably within the same room to communicate over a telephone line with remote attendees. It is not possible to connect this telephone to a digital outlet (telephone with display).
There is no charge to borrow this item. ITS staff will deliver/set up and collect the handset, however the user is requested to specify the extension to be used so the type and access code can be checked prior to the conference taking place.

To reserve the Polyspan Analogue Conference telephone for a conference call click here to contact the Telephone Office. We will advise on availability and reserve the telephone for your conference. If required instructions on how the conference telephone works will be given.

Ericsson Digital Telephone

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This Ericsson Dialog DBC3212/4223 or 3213/4225 digital telephone can be used as a conference telephone allowing up to six people seated comfortably within the same room to communicate over a telephone line with remote attendees.

Setting up a conference call

There are a number of methods available for setting up a conference call:

1. Using the University's telephone system

The University's telephone system allows up to eight conferees, of which a maximum of 5 can be external participants, to be dialled for a conference call.

(More than 5 external conferees must use the BT Meet Me conference facility). Only 1 external participant can dial in.

If you wish to use the University telephone system email the Telephone Office for instructions.

2. Using BT Meet Me Call

BT Meet Me telephone conferencing provides a variety of services over the Public Services Telephone network (PSTN). The service operates on a pre-bookable basis.

Dial-out attended

The chairperson of the conference supplies the name and telephone number of each participant to be connected and the number on which they wish the conference to be held. (DDI must be activated for the nominated extension). At the time of the conference a BT Conference co-ordinator will call each of the participants and connect them to the conference.

The telephone office will be invoiced (being the account holder) and the department concerned will be recharged.

Dial-in attended

BT will issue a telephone number to forward to the conference participants. At the time of the conference each participant dials the number and is connected to the conference by a BT Conference co-ordinator.

Dial-in Automated

BT will issue a telephone number and 'conference access code' to forward to each participant. At the time of the conference each participant dials the number and is greeted with an automated message asking them to enter the 'conference access code'. Once entered they are automatically given access to the conference.

Details of conference charges can be obtained from the telephone office. To have the Telephone Office arrange your conference call via the BT conferencing facility click here to send an email request (cost centre code required).

3. BT Meet Me Service - Global Services (Recommended) 

BT Meet Me Global Access allows people from across the globe and within the UK to dial into the same conference call using the same Passcodes, but using local telephone numbers. Average cost is 02 pence per minute per conferee. The current service can be used at anytime but must be booked through the telephone office who hold the Passcodes and relevant telephone numbers.  It is possible to arrange departmental virtual conference rooms through the telephone office account. If you would like to arrange this please email the telephone office

For further information please visit the the BT Public Sector Conferencing pages @


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