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Phone Card FAQs

What are Phone Cards?

Plastic cards (which look like credit cards) that allow you to make telephone calls to and from numerous locations worldwide and from numerous locations within this country.

Are they convenient to use?

Yes - and lighter to carry than a mobile telephone.  No need for coins when making phone calls from many public phone boxes.  Calls can be made from private residential and company phones without incurring costs to the phone's owner.

What card types exist?

Prepaid, Credit, Smart .

Who supplies phone cards?

Most of the major telecoms carriers, including:

British Telecom      Call 0800 345 144

Cable and Wireless     Call 0500 100 505

First Telecom   Call 0800 279 2474

Swiftcall   Call 0800 769 0000

Do I need to open a new telephone account to get one?

Not if you are simply buying the prepaid type from a shop or if you are applying for a credit-based card related to your own existing residential or business telephone account.

Where can I get one?

Free Phone Cards are available locally.

I am a UK resident. Can I apply for those USA credit-based phone cards I see advertised on the Internet?

No, unless you have a permanent address in the USA, you can't apply for a USA credit-based phone card.

Can I apply for a credit-based card related to my workplace/employer's telephone number?

It is possible, but remember: It is your employer who is the account holder with the telecoms carrier and who pays the telephone bills.  As a result, your employer will be asked for details about you or asked to apply on your behalf, and your employer will have to agree to pay the card bills on your behalf, and your employer's business telephone account must be free of arrears at the time of application etc!

Can I quote my workplace telephone extension number on my employer's private exchange (PBX) when applying for a credit-based phone card?

No, only your employer's main number (that appears on your company's telephone bills) or your own residential public exchange line number are valid.

How much do calls cost using these cards?

Depends on where you are calling from and to, but the range is from similar to domestic call charge rates to 5x domestic call charge rates.

Does the cost of calls vary between the different cards and suppliers?



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