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Making a telephone call

Making a business or personal call to an internal University extension

To make a call to another internal University extension, simply dial the 4 or 5 digit extension number

Making a business call to a number outside the University

To make a business call to a number outside the University, dial 9, followed by the required number, including the international/national dialling code if required.

N.B. Not all extensions have direct access to an outside line. If you cannot use 9 please dial the switchboard (dial 0). Our operators will be happy to connect your call. Calls to Premium rate numbers operator services and directory enquiries can only be accessed via the switchboard. Due to billing restrictions common area phones cannot be connected to external numbers.

Making a personal call to a number outside the University

Subject to agreement by the head of your school/unit, the method of making personal/private calls is to lift the handset, key 777 (gives dial tone), then dial the required number. No 9 required.

N.B Personal calls of any description are not permitted through the switchboard (even to 0800 numbers)

A detailed call report itemising the cost of your personal/private calls is sent, with the monthly account statements, to the departmental secretary of your school/unit, who then has the task of recovering the cost of the call from you. These calls are subject to VAT at the current rate.


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