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Call / voice mail charges

Call charges

All local, national and international calls made between 0800 and 1800 are charged at the standard rate, whereas calls between 1800 and 0800 are charged at the cheap rate. All calls made between 1800 Friday and 0800 Monday are at the cheap rate.

Calls to premium rate numbers are barred by default. However, calls can be made through the switchboard during normal working hours. Be aware that even short calls to these numbers can be costly.  Some premium rate numbers are charged at £1.50 per min. Calls to operator services and  directory enquiries are strictly controlled and callers should call the switchboard on "0" for assistance.

Transfer charge calls

Staff should not accept transfer charge calls. Due to the extra work incurred in manual billing administration for such calls. The recipient of the transfer charge call will be invoiced for the call plus an administration charge.

Please remember: Keep all calls as short as possible!

Voice mail charges

Voice mail is free of charge. Contact the telephone office via e mail (


Telephone Office

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