Physics and Astronomy (Gateway)

Physics and Astronomy (Gateway) is an alternative entry route to the University of St Andrews' degree programmes offered by the School of Physics and Astronomy. The programme is aimed at Scottish students who may not have been able to obtain the grades usually required by the School due to their circumstances or educational background.

We also offer a sister programme, the International Gateway to Physics and Astronomy, for students from countries outside the UK that may not place as much emphasis on physics and maths as schools in the UK. This programme has welcomed many students who have not completed AP in maths and physics from the USA in recent years.

If you successfully complete the first year of our Physics and Astronomy (Gateway) programmes, you may be able to progress to the second year of one of our traditional degree programmes in physics and related subjects.

More information about the  Physics and Astronomy (Gateway) programme, including further details of the structure of the programme, are available from the School of Physics and Astronomy.