Gateway to Arts

The Gateway to Arts programme is an alternative entry route to the University of St Andrews offered in the Faculty of Arts. It is a tailored programme with additional support, aimed at Scottish students who may not have been able to obtain the grades usually required by the University to study their chosen subject. 

How does the Gateway to Arts work?

Applicants will be considered for a place on the Gateway to Arts programme if they have not obtained the required grades to study their chosen subject at St Andrews but we see that they have the potential to do well. Applicants will be interviewed and successful candidates will be offered a place on our MA General (Arts) degree. Provided students on the Gateway meet the academic requirements in their second year (just like every student), they will be transferred from the MA General (Arts) degree onto their chosen named Honours degree route. Gateway students will be treated as any other first-year student, they will attend the same classes and have a traditional first-year experience, with the addition of extra support built into the programme.

Additional support

Gateway students will have a dedicated point of contact within our Admissions team. This contact will provide the advice and support needed for a smooth transition to university, and ensure that students always know where to go when they need advice, whether it be for academic or personal reasons. Students are allocated an Adviser of Studies who will ensure that they select the correct modules, and that they have as many course options available to them as possible. They will also be given additional subject tutoring from senior students to support their academic studies as part of the package of support offered by the University. Gateway students are encouraged to apply for scholarships offered by the University. Students will also be eligible for their tuition fees to be paid by SAAS