Degree routes

At the University of St Andrews, our degree programmes are designed to allow flexible study options for all students. The structure of our degrees allows you the opportunity to change the emphasis or subject of your degree throughout the first two years of study. It is possible to enter the University to study one degree programme and graduate with an entirely different degree, depending on your interests, previous qualifications and your first-year module choices. You will have until the end of your second year to decide what your final degree subject or subjects will be.

The majority of students apply to study a specific Honours programme at the University. This could lead to you graduating with a single Honours degree or a joint Honours degree in multiple subjects. Some students are also able to change specialisation during the course of their studies.

The General degree offers an alternative route for students with non-standard qualifications. It can be studied full time or part time during the day or in the evening, and allows you to study a number of different subjects without having to specialise in one.

An Integrated Masters degree option allows you to take highly specialised taught modules in your subject, and gives you advanced experience in order to prepare you for both academic and industrial careers in your field.

Some students who wish to enter the Faculty of Science have the opportunity to proceed directly into the second year of their course.

The integrated year abroad is an opportunity for students of all language levels to spend a year working in country between their second and third year of study.

The William & Mary joint degree is offered in collaboration with the College of William & Mary in Virginia, USA. Students can study a variety of Arts subjects, spending two years in St Andrews and two years in the USA.

The University offers a Computer Science (Gateway) programme for enthusiastic and talented students who wish to study Computer Science but don't meet the requirements for traditional degree entry.

The Physics and Astronomy (Gateway) programme is for talented students who haven't been able to obtain the top grades required for entry to traditional degree programmes offered by the School of Physics and Astronomy.

The University of St Andrews is delighted to offer high school graduates the opportunity to study at St Andrews for their freshman semester or freshman year.