Undergraduate study

We are delighted that you are exploring the opportunities available at the University of St Andrews. We hope that you find everything you need to make an informed choice about whether you would like to spend your undergraduate years here.

There is a wide variety of study options and entry points for undergraduate study, from Honours and General degrees to Gateway and Foundation programmes. Find out more about which degree route suits you best.

Many students choose St Andrews because of the flexible degree structure and modular system. Students typically study modules across a range of Schools during their years of sub-honours study.

Undergraduate teaching is usually delivered in courses of lectures given by specialists in particular subjects. However, staff at the University also employ a number of other teaching methods where appropriate.

This two-week pre-sessional course is for any international undergraduate student who would like an all-round introduction to academic study at St Andrews before starting on their degree. The course has a strong focus on writing and presentational skills.