Coronavirus information and guidance

Daytime study

It is possible to study on a part-time basis during the day, alongside our full-time students. You would be undertaking the same classes and lectures and have a wide range of subjects from across the university available to you. Part-time students can take up to two-thirds of the workload of a full-time student, normally two modules per semester, and can take between 5 and 9 years to complete their degree programme.

Students wishing to study during the day will be required to hold recent qualifications, equal to our current full-time entry requirements for that subject.

General degree

The General degree route allows students to study a wide range of modules across a variety of disciplines, without having to specialise in any one area. This route allows more flexibility than an Honours degree and will be completed in a shorter time period, usually around five to seven years.

How to apply

Applications for part-time study should be made directly to the University.

To do this, complete and return the Part-time study application form (PDF) to