The General degree

The Master of Arts (General) and Bachelor of Science (General) degrees are entry programmes exclusively available to students coming to the University through alternative routes, such as Access courses, HNCs, HNDs or other nonstandard qualifications. There are also options for those with no formal qualifications at all, following a sustained period of time out of education.

The General degree is a great way to study a number of different subjects without having to specialise in any particular one. It will typically take between three and nine years to complete, depending on which of our flexible learning options you choose.

It can be studied full or part time during the day, or in the evening through our specially designed evening programme.

If you are accepted to the General degree full time, or part time during the day, you will have the option of progressing to a named Honours degree at the end of your second year (subject to satisfactory academic performance).

The evening programme has more flexibility and offers blended learning options in certain subjects, allowing you to attend classes remotely from home.

These routes are also available to those who have experienced mitigating circumstances during their time at school, which may have affected grades, and have now progressed to a further education college.