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Master of Science Data-Intensive Analysis

Master of Science Data Intensive Analysis
Code Module name Credits
MT4113 Computing in Statistics 15 AND
MT5753 Statistical Modelling 20 AND
MT5756 Data Analysis 20 AND
MT5757 Advanced Data Analysis 20 AND
ID5059 Knowledge Discovery and Datamining 15 AND
View list Between 0 and 30 credits from Module List: CS5001 - CS5003, CS5044, CS5052 AND
CS5001 Object-Oriented Modelling, Design and Programming 15
CS5002 Programming Principles and Practice 15
CS5003 Masters Programming Projects 15
CS5044 Information Visualisation and Visual Analytics 15
CS5052 Data-Intensive Systems 15
- Not all modules are available in every academic year and/or semester
- Individual modules may have requisites to satisfy to be eligible to select them

For further details, see the module catalogue entry for each individual module above
( CS5099 Dissertation in Computer Science 60 OR
MT5099 Dissertation for MSc Programme/s 60 )

Further requirements

Students must select 180 credits.