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The Psychology of Dementia Care student testimonials


"The programme was excellent and had a person-focused emphasis throughout and I learnt a huge amount. I received prompt and encouraging feedback from my tutor. Studying on the programme led directly to my completing a Masters in Dementia Studies, and to new employment opportunities."  


"I have been able to utilise and enhance my skills within my current work role. Even though the course was online, I still felt part of the St Andrews experience and the level of support and input provided was exceptional."  


"As it was a distance learning course, it meant I could complete it even as a working parent. The staff were very supportive and, along with constructive feedback, I was able to gain in my writing ability. Studying at St Andrews has enabled me to gain further responsibilities in my current job role and my self-belief and confidence have vastly improved."  


"This programme has provided an opportunity to facilitate a culture change within dementia care. The evidence base provided by relevant reading and learning materials is impressive, invaluable and thought provoking. It has significantly enhanced my awareness and understanding of the psychological needs of people with dementia, with the aim of improving quality of life and wellbeing for all of those involved."  


"I enjoy the course - it facilitates me to have a greater understanding on the needs of people with dementia.  I believe this course provides me with the right knowledge to enable me to contribute to person-centred care in the work place. Having continuous support from the Head of Programme and valuable reading materials, I am becoming more confident in carrying out my duties at a nursing home and was recently announced as the Employee of the Month!"


"This course has supported me to be proactive in my learning and strive to be a better manager and carer in supporting people and carers to live well with dementia and has enabled me to learn new things and think about situations in a different way." 


"This course has helped increase my knowledge about the impact of dementia on individuals and their family from a psychosocial perspective." 


"I really appreciate how well structured the course is. I also find the technology side quite amazing as email and the internet were not invented when I did my undergraduate degree!"