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  1. Energy Policy and Finance (MSc)

    This course is designed to address the societal, financial and policy-related complexities surrounding the creation of a better energy future. It will provide students with knowledge, critical insights, and practical skills necessary for understanding and helping to shape, manage and evaluate energy policy, and interpret and operate within energy markets and finance.

  2. Gender Studies (MLitt)

    Explores the theory and history of gender studies as well as how gender interacts with class, race, ethnicity, sexuality, inequality, and power. 

  3. Global Social and Political Thought (MLitt)

    Study social and political thought from around the world, not just from Europe but also from societies across Asia, Africa, and the Americas, and understand the connections that link global thought traditions, and how those traditions continue to influence our world.

  4. Health Data Science MSc

    Explores the principles and practice of digital health as well as applied skills commonly needed for digital health careers.

  5. Museum and Heritage Studies (MLitt)

    Prepares students for employment in museums by providing training in all types of museums, galleries and other heritage facilities.

  6. Sustainable Development (MSc)

    This course looks at issues like climate change, development, health, energy, policy change and conservation, helping students to develop critical and creative thinking about sustainability.