Apply to Scottish Graduate Entry Medicine Programme (ScotGEM)

Applications for 2018 entry for this course have now closed, see which courses are available for the upcoming academic year.

If you are applying to ScotGEM, please complete the following steps. 

1. Entry requirements

Ensure you meet the entry requirements.

2. Aptitude tests

Ensure you have sat the relevant aptitude tests.

3. Check the campus code details: A101

4. Write a personal statement

Further information about personal statements is given within the 'qualities and experience' section on the entry requirements page. Guidance on how to write a personal letter can be found on UCAS.

5. Arrange a referee's report

  • An academic reference will be required as part of the UCAS application (for example, from your academic tutor or advisor of studies). Your reference should comment on your academic performance, your attitude to study, and your approach to working with others, including communication skills. They should also comment on your other skills or attributes that make you a suitable candidate for medicine.
  • Your academic referee should be up to date with your academic progress and should have taught or supervised you in the last three years prior to entry to ScotGEM.
  • Applicants whose degree was obtained a number of years ago may also wish to provide a supplementary supporting reference from their recent workplace. The reference should comment on the applicant's suitability for medicine. This should be submitted directly to St Andrews (not via UCAS).
  • Academic references must come from an official higher education institution email account.
  • References from family members or close friends are not acceptable.

6. Fill out an application form via UCAS.

7. Submit your application by the deadline. 

Candidates should apply by 15 October in the year before entry to ScotGEM. The School does not consider late applications after the official closing date, and the School does not enter UCAS Extra or Clearing. To find out more about selection procedures after you have applied, see how are students selected.

8. Submit your online questionnaire.

The deadline for the questionnaire is likely to be in late November in the year before entry; applicants will be notified once the deadline has been finalised.

Repeat applications

Applicants will only be allowed to apply to ScotGEM twice. Applicants who are unsuccessful in obtaining a place at St Andrews can submit a new application the following year if they meet the entry requirements. Beyond that, further applications will not be considered.

Deferred entry

The ScotGEM programme will not usually consider deferred entry.

Fraudulent or plagiarised applications

The universities of St Andrews and Dundee will not admit students based on fraudulent or plagiarised applications or documents. All applications will be processed by the University of St Andrews. Please see the University’s admissions policy for more information.

If a student is found to have deliberately failed to disclose information that could have made him or her ineligible to study medicine, or given false information, the course provider can consider removing them from training on grounds of dishonesty.