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Academic calendar

The academic year at St Andrews is split into two semesters: Martinmas Semester and Candlemas Semester

Martinmas Semester (Semester One) runs from early September until the Christmas vacation.  This includes an Orientation Week in early September, which students must attend so as to matriculate (register) and advise into modules (classes).  Orientation Week is also your opportunity to join societies, meet new and returning students, and settle in to your accommodation before teaching starts. It's a busy week, with lots of academic and social events running.  Teaching starts around mid-September and runs until early December.  The semester finishes with a revision week and the Semester One examination diet.

Candlemas Semester (Semester Two) runs from late January until the end of May.  Many of our Semester Two entrants are Exchange and Study Abroad students, who arrive in late January for Orientiation.  Semester Two also incorporates eleven weeks of teaching, a revision week and an examination diet at the end of May.  There is a two week Spring Vacation, which usually falls around mid to late March.

The semester system, similar to academic calendars at many universities across the world, makes it easy for students to join us for either a semester or a full academic year.  However, please take care to ensure that your home institution's semester dates are compatible with ours.  It is important to note that all Exchange and Study Abroad students are expected to arrive in St Andrews in time for Orientation, and to stay in St Andrews until the end of semester. 

Full details of the St Andrews calendar and key semester dates are available here.


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