Students' Association

The Students’ Association is the hub of all student activity in St Andrews. All students of the University are automatically members. The Association (or Union, as it is better known) is more than just a bar – it covers all areas of student life through several core themes: events, student representation, student support and extra-curricular activities.

Most students are involved in at least one society, many in three or more. There are approximately 150 student societies, and if you cannot find one to suit your interests then the Association can help you start one.

The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) and the Students’ Services Council (SSC) play an active role in representing the student body at all levels of the University. They make sure your voice is heard, and members are elected each year by the entire student body. A full-time student advocate can help with many aspects of University life including education and accommodation support and is employed to provide practical support and advice independently from the University. There is also a network of School presidents and 350 class representatives who complement the SRC at an academic School level.

Finally, there are six sabbaticals (sabbs) elected each March to full-time posts within the Association and Athletic Union and who are dedicated to making life better for students in St Andrews. Feel free to come in and speak to them when you are visiting the University. Whatever your interests, whether you are looking for a good night out, require help with studies or wish to join a particular society, they are here to make this possible and ensure every student of St Andrews has a fantastic time at university.