Student life

Life as a student at the University of St Andrews is a unique experience. From the bonding experience of the student traditions to the numerous sports clubs, societies and volunteering activities, there really is an activity for everyone. Find out more about life outside of classes in St Andrews.

The University is home to over 150 student societies. They range from artistic and musical through to religious and cultural, meaning our societies cater for a huge array of interests. Not only that – if you are unable to find one that suits you, then you can start your own!

Sport is a valued aspect of student life in St Andrews. With over 50 sports clubs and 100 sports teams to choose from, as well as a varied and dynamic programme of fitness classes, it is easy to fit sport and exercise into your life at University.

Whether you want to spend your free time making and listening to music, performing in shows, or writing, you will not be short of recreational activities. The University boasts a dedicated music technology studio, student radio, and a vibrant performing arts scene.

The Students' Association is the centre of activity for students in St Andrews. Responsible for running societies, events and services, and representing the student body throughout the University, the Students' Association provides valuable support for all students in St Andrews.

As you might expect from a University dating back over 600 years, the University of St Andrews has its fair share of student traditions. From the May Dip to Raisin Weekend, read about what traditions you could take part in as a student at the University.

St Leonard's College and the Postgraduate Society are additional support networks for postgraduate students, encouraging social events, information sharing and discourse between the University and postgraduates.