Evening degree

The University of St Andrews offers an evening degree for students who are unable to study full-time during the day due to work, health or family commitments. You can either study a mixture of Arts, Science and Social Science modules for a Master of Arts General Degree, or you can study a majority of Science modules for a BSc General Degree.

The evening degree is a flexible programme that will enable you to study subjects in areas of particular interest to you, and to progress at your preferred pace. You will be required to attend classes in St Andrews every week, as well as studying independently in your own time.

You can complete an evening degree in nine years if you complete one module per semester, or in four and a half years if you complete two modules per semester. It is possible to complete the evening degree in fewer than four years if you are given transferred credit for previously completed qualifications.

For each module you are taking, you will be expected to spend one evening in St Andrews and around 8 to 12 hours studying independently per week. Many students choose to study two modules per semester, which means that they spend two evenings in St Andrews and up to 24 hours studying per week.

Entrance requirements

Entrance requirements for the evening degree are more flexible than for full-time degree programmes:

  • No formal qualifications are required.
  • School qualifications are considered regardless of the date they were obtained.
  • Experiential Learning and Professional qualifications are also taken into consideration.
  • Prior learning from lower-level qualifications is recognised.
  • If your first language is not English, you will need to provide evidence of English language competence.

These are our basic entrance requirements, but many candidates apply with further qualifications. Further qualifications will be viewed positively on your application form, but are not required.

Fees and funding

Unless you meet the criteria for the Part-time Fee Grant (see below), you will be required to pay tuition fees for modules taken on the evening degree programme. You will be expected to pay £303 for every 20-credit module that you study. It is possible to set up an instalment plan to help you to budget for these fees.

Many students are eligible for a SAAS Part-Time Fee Grant, which will cover the cost of all of your tuition fees if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • You have Scotland as your place of residence and you have been resident in the UK for at least three years.
  • Your personal earned (or pension) income is £25,000 or less.
  • You are taking at least 30 credits in the academic year.

How to apply

You do not apply for part-time study through UCAS. You can download and print an application form below, or you may request one from the Evening Degree Co-ordinator (email lifelonglearning@st-andrews.ac.uk).

Part-time study application form (PDF, 953 KB)

You will also need to ensure that your referee either provides a recommendation accompanying the application form or sends one directly to us.

You can commence your studies in either September (Semester 1) or January (Semester 2). Please return your application form and reference indicating when you would like to start your studies. Places in subjects are limited, so early application is advised. Applications received after 31 July will be considered for Semester 2 entry only.


When we have received your application form, you will be invited to interview with one or more Admissions officers. We will be looking for evidence that:

  • you have the ability, energy and commitment to succeed at degree-level study.
  • you are organised and you understand what is involved.
  • you have, or are willing to acquire, the necessary skills in academic writing, reading and note-taking, word-processing and group discussion.

Transferred credit

You may transfer up to 180 credits – half the total required to complete your General Degree – from other qualifications at the relevant (Higher Education) level. The amount of transferred credit that can be awarded to you will depend on the overall relevance of your qualifications to the degree programme you are studying, as well as the level, volume, and currency of what has been learned.

We are not able to transfer in credit for qualifications that are over 10 years old, or for completed degrees.

If you wish to apply for transferred credit, you should include full information in your application form together with photocopies of the relevant awards or transcripts. It will be discussed at your interview.


There are part-time study scholarships available to help with the costs associated with being a student, including travel, books, and childcare. Your eligibility for these scholarships will be based on your financial need, and if you are applying for the SAAS Part-Time Fee Grant you are strongly encouraged to apply. Priority will be given to those students who are enrolled on the full-time MA or BSc General Degree programme.

For more information on the part-time study scholarship, including eligibility, deadlines and how to apply, please visit our part-time study scholarships page.  

Payments will be made via bank transfer in two instalments. The first will be in mid-October and the second in mid-February.

If you are in receipt of a scholarship and you change the number of modules you are studying, take a leave of absence, or cease your studies completely, it is vital that you notify the scholarship office of your change in circumstances, as it may affect your eligibility for funds. We reserve the right to reclaim any funds paid to students in error.


You can download, print and read the Part-Time Study Prospectus online.

Lifelong and Flexible Learning Prospectus (PDF, 5,448 KB)

You may also wish to request a printed copy of the prospectus by contacting us:

Email: lifelonglearning@st-andrews.ac.uk

Phone: 01334 46 2203