Part-time study

An increasingly large number of students choose to study part time at the University of St Andrews. Part-time study is available both during the day and in the evenings. Some students may choose to start studying full time and switch to part-time study during their degree, while others may begin as part-time students and apply to become full time later.

If you wish to study part time, a number of options are available to you. You can study one or two chosen subjects or study for just one or two years, in which case you can work towards a Certificate or Diploma of Higher Education.

Part-time courses are only open to those resident in Scotland at the time of their application.

You may choose to study part time during the day. The most daytime credits you can obtain is 40 per semester, which will allow you to complete a General Degree in a minimum of four and a half years. There is also the opportunity to transfer to an Honours degree part way through your studies.

If you have commitments during the day, you may decide to study for an evening degree. You may study towards a General Degree by attending classes in St Andrews one or two evenings a week and conducting independent study in your own time.