St Andrews General Wardlaw Scholarship

2018 entry

The Wardlaw Scholarship scheme was established in 2004 through the generous donations from alumni and friends to provide financial assistance to academically gifted students who would otherwise struggle with the cost of studying at the University of St Andrews.

A number of different Wardlaw scholarships are available each year to new entrants. The value of individual Wardlaw scholarships usually ranges from £1,000 to £3,000 per year, and most are awarded for the duration of a student’s course.

The Wardlaw scholarships are based on financial need, students should demonstrate a below average household income and a need for funding in their application. EU students should refer to the "How to apply" section below for more information on household income.

The General Wardlaw is open to applicants with a fee status of ‘Home (Scotland/EU)’ (Scotland and European Union countries) or ‘RUK’ (England, Wales and Northern Ireland). Some Wardlaw scholarships have more specific eligibility criteria, usually relating to subject of study or where the student comes from, although additional criteria may also apply.

Please see the named Wardlaw scholarships available this year for further information:

    • Roses Scholarship
      For entrant students who attended a state school in Yorkshire or Lancashire, selected on basis of financial need.

    • McIvor-Barrow Scholarship
      For entrant students from Northern Ireland, selected on basis of financial need.

    • Dr Lawrence M Wodehouse Scholarship
      For entrant students selected on basis of financial need.

    • Lister Scholarship
      Eligibility is limited to applicants from England, with preference given to attendees of either Dyson Perrins School in Worcestershire, or Worcester Sixth Form College.

    • 600th Anniversary Scholarship
      For entrant students selected on basis of financial need.

    • BUFDG 600th Anniversary Scholarship
      For entrant students who are studying Management, Economics or Finance. Selected on basis of financial need.

    • Olea Scholarship
      For entrant undergraduate students who are a citizen of and ordinary resident of Romania. Selected on the basis of financial need and academic merit, with a preference for those who have reached the top 50 at national level in the "Olimpiada de Informatica" in any of the four years preceding the start of the students first year at the University. This scholarship is paid for the students entrant year only.


Geographical criteria

Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Wales and EU.

Domicile for fee status

Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Wales and EU.

Level of study


Year of entry

Entrants in 2018





Additional criteria

Selection is on the basis of financial need and donor specific criteria.

What does it cover?

Duration of award

The General Wardlaw scholarship is paid annually for the duration of the student's undergraduate programme.

Please refer to the specific criteria for named Wardlaw scholarships listed above for payment terms.

Value of award (per year)

Up to £3,000

Tuition or maintenance award?


Number of awards available

There will be a number of unspecified General Wardlaw awards each year.

How to apply

The Wardlaw Scholarships are available for application through Scholarships and Funding. After you have applied to a new course beginning in the 2018-2019 academic year, you will be provided with login details for the ‘My Application’ portal with access to My Scholarships and Funding.

You only need to make one application to the General Wardlaw Scholarship, and will then be automatically considered for all eligible scholarships available under the Wardlaw scheme. Some Wardlaw scholarships with diverse eligibility requirements will require a separate application, these will be clearly indicated in the main list of scholarships. We recommend you apply to the General Wardlaw Scholarship, as well as all other funding options for which you are eligible.

Further details about each of the Wardlaw scholarships available in the forthcoming academic year, including full eligibility criteria, can be found on the individual scholarship webpage listed above.

EU Household income

Household income will be assessed on below average country specific income rates (for the current year), please convert your local currency to Pounds (GBP) and indicate the exchange rate used in your application. We recommend using the funding financial profile to help calculate your household income before you apply for any needs based scholarships, you can find this in My Application, Scholarships and Funding, Create my funding financial profile.

When do applications open?

Early October 2017

Scholarship application deadline

5 April 2018

At what stage of my course application can I apply for this scholarship?

Please apply for the scholarship after you have submitted your application for a place at St Andrews.  You do not need to wait until you have received an offer of a place before applying for the scholarship.

When will I hear if my application has been successful?

The outcome of your scholarship application will be available on "View my applications" in the Scholarships and Funding section of My Application by May 2018. 

Requirements of the Wardlaw Scholarships

If you apply to the Wardlaw Scholarships, details from your UCAS application may be passed to the selection panel and scholarship administrators for the purpose of effective distribution of the funds to eligible applicants.

If your application is successful, please be aware of the following additional requirements:

  • Your name, the name of your town of origin, school/college & subject of study will be passed to the benefactors of your scholarship. These details may also be used in University publications and passed to the University’s Development and Press Offices to use in promoting fundraising for other Scholarships. Further details will only be released with your express permission.
  • Your scholarship award in subsequent years of study is conditional upon your successful completion of the academic requirements to progress in your proposed subject of study at the University of St Andrews. If your scholarship is subject-related then your award is usually also conditional upon your continuing to study that specific subject.
  • Attendance at Development related scholarship events (including invitations to meet the donors) is strongly encouraged. You will be invited to these as appropriate by the Development Office.
  • Submission of reports throughout the period of scholarship support. You are required to submit an Introductory Biography at the start of your award period and the Development Office will contact you towards the end of each semester for a report on your time at St Andrews to share with the donors of your award. This will be an annual cycle for the duration of your award.