Direct application

The University of St Andrews accepts direct applications from a small number of students each year. You should only submit a direct application if:

  1. The University of St Andrews is the only UK university you are applying to.
  2. You are liable to pay tuition fees at the overseas rate. You can find out more about your fee status on the tuition fees page.
  3. You are not applying to any other UK universities via UCAS or the Common Application.

If you fulfil these three criteria, you may submit a direct application; we recommend that you read the corresponding guidance notes for direct applicants (Word, 105 KB)

In order for us to begin processing your application, payment of an application fee of £50 (50 pounds sterling) is required. You will need to complete the payment process before you submit your application. Details on how to pay can be found on the University's online shop

Application process

If you wish to submit a direct application to the University, this timeline will help you through the application process.

  1. Take a look at the courses available at the University of St Andrews. All courses can be found online in the course search section or in the Undergraduate Prospectus.
  2. Check the minimum grades and any subject specific prerequisites for your country, area or state. These can be found on the entry requirements page.  
  3. The University of St Andrews offers a wide range of degree options, including joint Honours degrees. Before you start your application, you will need to decide which Faculty you wish to study in. There are four Faculties at the University of St Andrews – Arts, Science, Divinity and Medicine. You can find out more about the structure of the undergraduate degree programme on our degree routes page
  4. Once you have decided which course and Faculty is the most appropriate, you can begin to fill in the online direct application form. You may also find the corresponding guidance notes for direct applicants (Word, 105 KB) helpful.
  5. Draft your personal statement carefully so that it reflects your choice of course. You can find more information about what we look for in an application on the how to apply page.
  6. Pay the required £50 (50 pounds sterling) fee through the University’s online payment service. Please note the order number given to your purchase on your application form so that we can match the payment to your application.
  7. Submit your application by the appropriate deadline. The current direct application deadlines can be found below.

Essential information

Students who apply to the University of St Andrews through the direct application method must not have applied, or be planning to apply to any other UK university, through any application process – e.g. UCAS or the Common Application. If you do wish to apply to other UK universities, you should choose another application method.

Your direct application must include the following items:

  • A personal statement detailing why you are applying for the course. You can find out more about what we look for in a personal statement on the how to apply page.
  • An up-to-date transcript showing the subjects you are taking at high school and your achieved and predicted grades. If your school has a school profile, this should also be included.
  • An evaluation of your general character, academic ability and likelihood of success at university level from a teacher or high school counsellor. You should either:
    • attach your referee’s report in the form of a letter on school stationery, dated and signed by your referee.
    • or send the name and details of the person who will provide your reference with your application, and use the referee report form (PDF, 599 KB). This must be clearly marked with your name. You can attach this form to your application, send it separately or we can email the referee directly if that is more convenient.
  • If you have taken any of the following external tests, then we would like to see the scores: SAT, ACT, APs and SAT subject tests. The College Board reference number for St Andrews is:
    • 7775 for SAT and AP
    • 5316 for ACT
  • Please do not send anything else. If the University requires any additional information, you will be contacted via email requesting it.


The deadline for Medicine for Overseas students is 31 January without exception.

The deadline for all other direct applications is 30 June for applicants who are classified as overseas fee payers. All forms and supplementary information should be submitted by this date. The University may accept applications after this date, although this decision will be made on a case-by-case basis; you should contact the international undergraduate team ( to ensure that a late application will be accepted.

Please be advised that whilst late applications may be considered, places at the University fill up quickly and it is in your best interest to apply as early as possible. We normally receive the bulk of applications between September and February each year.

The deadline for the BA International Honours programme is 1 May.

After you apply

For information on when you should expect a response to your application, as well as the different kinds of offer the University extends, take a look at our after you apply page.

Apply now

To begin the application process you will need to select the Faculty within which you wish to study. There are four Faculties at the University of St Andrews – Arts, Science, Divinity and Medicine. In addition, you should also read the information on the degree programmes available at St Andrews on our degree routes page.

If you are experiencing problems with the online application, please email