Evening language courses

The University of St Andrews offers evening language courses throughout the academic year. We offer courses for students at all levels of study, from beginners to advanced learners.

Our evening language courses last for ten weeks, and as a student you will attend one class per week. Beginner classes last for 1.5 hours, and all other classes last for 2 hours.

Students should note that the modules offered in our evening language courses are not part of any degree pathway and may not be used as credit counting towards a degree programme.


The next set of evening language courses will begin in semester 1 of 2017–2018, on Monday 25th September 2017. The enrolment form and details are under ‘Timetable and Booking Form’ on our main page. During this semester we will be offering courses in:

Our evening language courses are extremely popular and we try to respond to this demand with the courses and levels we offer. However, due to timetabling restrictions, not every level of study is available for every language each semester.

Level of study

We offer four different levels of study for students of differing abilities. These levels correspond to various levels on the common European framework:

  • Beginner courses are for complete beginners with no previous knowledge of the language.
  • Elementary courses correspond to level A1 on the common European framework.
  • Intermediate courses correspond to levels A2 to B1 on the common European framework.
  • Advanced courses correspond to levels B2 and upwards on the common European framework.

When you enrol for an evening language course at the University of St Andrews, you should think carefully about which level of course best suits your current knowledge of the language. It is important not to choose courses that will either be too easy or too difficult for you.

We also offer some courses labelled 'elementary 2' or 'intermediate 2'. You may want to consider these classes if you have already taken an elementary or intermediate course but you do not feel ready to move up to the next level. You may also enrol in these courses even if you have not previously attended our classes.

Fees and funding

If you enrol on an evening language course with us, you will be expected to pay a small fee to cover the cost of your tuition.  Each course of 10 lessons costs £110.

You may be eligible for ILA funding if you are studying Gaelic. You can find out more at Individual Learning Account – Scotland.

Booking procedures

If you are a current, full time student:

Go directly to onlinepayments.st-andrews.ac.uk/epayments/ and pay for the course.  (You do NOT need to complete a form). You will receive emailed confirmation of your place on the course.

If you are not a full time student (even if you have done courses with us in the past):

  1. Please complete the registration form available to download from the ‘Timetable and booking form’ section on the right-hand side of this webpage.
  2. Send it to: Evening Languages, St Katharine’s West, University of St Andrews, St Andrews KY16 9AX
  3. We will generate a number allowing you to enrol as above
    (Alternatively, please attach a cheque for £100 made payable to ‘The University of St Andrews’ with the language and level you wish to enrol for on the back of the cheque)
  4. You will receive emailed confirmation of your place on the course.

Withdrawal procedures

Generally, withdrawals are not permitted. We do not have any facility for ‘sampling’ classes. While the module can be removed from a student’s transcript, this does not remove the obligation to pay. There may be some exceptions as noted below.

  1. Any participant who sends confirmation by email of an intention to withdraw from a course before the first meeting of the class, may have the obligation to pay removed or the fee refunded.
  2. Should a participant become ill (or be in a position where he or she has to care for a sick person) to the extent that he or she cannot continue with the course, a refund may be considered. Certification may be requested (N.B. there is no refund available for lessons missed due to minor ailments).

Should a student enrol for a level that is unsuitable (for example, a beginner enrolling for an elementary class, or an advanced student for an intermediate group), simply because there is no group available at a more appropriate level, and then find the classes are inappropriate, no refunds will be made.

Complaints procedure

All teachers have different teaching styles and some languages (particularly those which require the learning of a non-Roman alphabet) require different approaches. The teachers will conduct their classes according to the course descriptions on this website.

Should any participant feel that this is not the case and that the teacher is deviating from the course description, the procedure for complaint is as follows:

  1. Discuss the matter with the teacher
  2. If not satisfied with the response, send an email with details of the complaint to: afa@st-andrews.ac.uk.

On investigation of any complaint, it may be necessary to have a meeting with the complainant, the teacher and the course director to decide on any future action.