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The Menzies Bursaries

The bursaries are awarded for a period of four years to persons entering on a course of study for a degree at any of the Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow or St Andrews. The bursaries are awarded for those falling into one or several of the following categories and in the following order of preference.

  1. Relatives of the Founder James Menzies.
  2. Those of the name Menzies.
  3. Those born on the Menzies Estates (in the Parishes of Dull, Weem and Fortingall).
  4. To persons considered by the Trustees best qualified and most deserving.

The current level of the bursary is £550 per annum and application should be made to Blackadders Solicitors, 30 & 34 Reform Street, Dundee, DD1 1RJ.