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The Elisabeth Käsemann Scholarship

2020 entry

This scholarship was supported by a generous donation from The Elisabeth Käsemann Stiftung and forms part of the Wardlaw Scholarship Scheme, established in 2004 to provide financial assistance to academically gifted students who would otherwise struggle with the cost of studying at the University of St Andrews. Entrant students with a Home fee status who are domiciled in Germany or have German nationality and are studying for an undergraduate degree within the School of International Relations is eligible to apply.

Elisabeth Käsemann was assassinated in 1977 by Argentina’s military dictatorship for her political and social involvement. The Elisabeth Käsemann Stiftung supports a scientific and societal examination of governmental human rights abuses and violent conflicts in Germany and the Spanish-speaking world to promote the culture of democracy and the importance of human rights. More information about the Elisabeth Käsemann Stiftung may be found online