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Applying from college

Welcome to our resource page to help you with your journey through the university application process. Below you will find a wealth of information and resources to ease you through the application timeline, including what to expect throughout the UCAS application process, making an application to St Andrews, our interview process and what life is like as a student at St Andrews from some current students. 

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The UCAS process

Most universities can be applied to through UCAS. Through this service you will fill out an application form with your details, previous qualifications and course choices, a personal statement and referee details. Give yourself enough time to familiarise yourself with the UCAS website and application form.

Start this by creating an account and looking through the different stages of the application. By doing this early, you will give yourself enough time to understand the process and be able to ask any questions that may arise. 

Find out more about application guidelines and resources on the UCAS website.

Key UCAS information

  • You may apply up to five different courses (we recommend that you only apply to the one course at St Andrews).
  • You only write one personal statement which is read by all the universities you apply to - avoid name dropping specific universities.
  • There is a character and line limit for your personal statement: 4,000 characters and 47 lines.
  • UCAS have an application fee: £20 for a single choice, or £26 for more than one choice.


The right course for you

Working out what course is right for you

Getting the course that is right for you is incredibly important, here are some tips on choosing a course:

  • Understand what excites you – take note of what you enjoy academically in your current course.
  • Narrow your criteria: arts or science (but could be both at university).
  • Look at the websites and prospectuses from a range of universities – look at the content they cover and what modules they offer.
  • Try and figure out the ‘personality’ of your chosen universities, and make sure they align with the experiences you would most engage with. For example, city life, extra-curricular activities, employment opportunities, specific modules.

What to start thinking about

  • Allocating time within your current schedule to keep on top of your application.
  • Your personal statement should reflect who you are whilst engaging with the subject you choose to apply to.
  • The personal statement should not be a last-minute write-up.



Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS)

  • Online application for university funding; including tuition fees, bursaries and student loan
  • Tuition fees are covered by SAAS if you are Scottish and applying to a Scottish institution
  • SAAS will consider your eligibility for the tuition fees, bursaries and student loan
  • SAAS Guide to undergraduate funding 2020-2021 (this will be updated for 2021 soon)
  • Deadline for SAAS application is around the end of March, but they recommend you do this as soon as possible
  • Give yourself enough time to familiarise yourself with the application, especially when SAAS request documents for eligibility

Hear from current students

The best people to tell you what it is like to study at St Andrews are our current students. Hear their stories, how the FE-HE pathway has worked for them, and learn a little on what they study and enjoy here at St Andrews.

Hear from current students

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You can contact them by emailing or by phoning +44 (0)1334 46 2132.