Direct application

The University of St Andrews accepts direct applications from a small number of students each year. You should only submit a direct application if:

  • The University of St Andrews is the only UK university you are applying to.
  • You are liable to pay tuition fees at the overseas rate. You can find out more about your fee status on the tuition fees page.
  • You are not applying to any other UK universities via UCAS or the Common Application.

Applicants for the BA International Honours joint degree with William & Mary can apply through either our direct application or through the Common Application, even if they have applied for other programmes through UCAS.

In order for us to begin processing your application, payment of an application fee of £50 (pounds sterling) is required. You will need to complete the payment process before you submit your application. Details on how to pay can be found on the University's online shop.

Apply now

To begin the application process you will need to select the Faculty within which you wish to study. There are four Faculties at the University of St Andrews – Arts, Science, Divinity and Medicine. In addition, you should also read the information on the degree programmes available at St Andrews on our degree routes page.

BA International Honours

If you are applying to our BA International Honours degrees - our joint degree programme with the College of William and Mary - you can start your application by selecting the course you are interested in below. Find out more about the joint degree programme.

If you are experiencing problems with the online application, please email