Care experienced students

The University of St Andrews offers additional support to care experienced pupils, applicants and students through Outreach programmes, during the application process and once you have started at St Andrews. This can include application guidance, help finding year-round accommodation and a dedicated care experienced support coordinator.

Our pledge

We pledge to make an offer to all applicants who declare as care-experienced provided that the desire to study the subject is demonstrable, the minimum asking rates within all specified required subjects are met and, if relevant, there is success in external testing or interview.

Who is a care experienced person?

Care-experienced’ refers to anyone who has been or is currently in care or from a looked after background at any stage of their life, no matter how short, including adopted children who were previously looked after. Care may have been provided in one of many different settings, such as in residential care, foster care, kinship care or through being looked after at home with a supervision requirement.

Below details the support that the University of St Andrews provides, from dedicated support, to accommodation and financial support and advice. Please take time to read below and if you need help to navigate support, please contact us directly.