McIntosh Hall

McIntosh Hall is a traditional stone-built residence stretching the length of Abbotsford Crescent. It is centrally situated near the Students’ Union and town centre, and many rooms offer spectacular views of the Old Course and West Sands beach.

Hall information

McIntosh Hall is a catered standard hall of residence. Rooms are situated along corridors, and each corridor contains a number of showers and toilets. There are also shared kitchen facilities located throughout the residence, one per floor for students to make their own light snacks.

The majority of rooms are shared bedrooms for entrant students. Find out about sharing at St Andrews

For undergraduate students, McIntosh Hall has:

  • 103 single standard rooms with single size beds
  • 141 shared bed spaces with single size beds
  • 1 shared en suite room single size beds



McIntosh Hall is centrally situated near the Students’ Union and the main shopping area on Market Street. It is well located for several Arts buildings and is only a 15-minute walk to the Science buildings on the North Haugh.

What is McIntosh Hall like?

McIntosh Hall is a small, friendly and welcoming hall with a strong community spirit. The student committee is active and accessible, and arranges a variety of student-led social events throughout the year, including hall quizzes, sports events, beach games, and more.

The wardens host a cheese and wine evening several times during the year so students can get to know their wardens better in a more relaxed environment.

Take a look at the McIntosh Hall common room. 


McIntosh Hall has a wide variety of facilities for students to use.  


There are two laundry rooms with five washers and five dryers between them. The laundry machines are card-operated. You can buy a card from the card dispensers located in each laundry room which you pre-load with credit via an online portal.

Common room

There is a large common room with a piano, as well as two TV rooms, for you to use for socialising and relaxing.

Computer room

McIntosh Hall has an IT suite with eight computers which students are able to access at all hours.

Study room

There are two study rooms which students can use if they need a quiet space to focus and study.  

Advice on the use of electrical equipment in residence


All University halls of residence have their own wardennial team who live within the hall and are trained to support students in a range of matters – from advice on academic matters through to first aid. New students will meet their warden and team of assistant wardens during their moving in weekend.

Wardens and support


McIntosh Hall

University of St Andrews
Abbotsford Crescent
St Andrews
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Phone: +44 (0)1334 46 7035